Lefkada Greece: a complete travel guide 2023 with photos and videos.
Get to know the best beaches, top sights and attractions for your holiday with a lof of important information.

lefkada island travel guide

Home of blue colours in Greece


Lefkada Greece: a complete travel guide 2023 with photos and videos.
Know the best beaches, top sights and attractions for your holiday with a lof of important information.

In Greece Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands, characterized by amazing beaches and interesting sights, which redefine natural beauty.

Lefkada Greece

The world famous beaches offer breathtaking blue colours: the west coast of the island is a unique natural attraction even in Greece. A holiday in Lefkada is always a good idea in 2023 for every traveller, because the highlights of the island are so exceptional, which guarantee beautiful experiences.

This complete guide for 2023 is dedicated to show you best things and all important information, where you are guided by a lot of photos and interesting videos.


Get ready for the best Lefkada beaches, which have the most beautiful blue colours that you have ever seen! Read our complete travel guide for 2023, and meet the incredible blue colours, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

In Greece Lefkada beaches belong to best places of the country, characterized by white pebbles and sand, where the Ionian Sea is crystal clear, and sea temperatures are pleasant. The west coast of the island is especially famous for its waves, which make the holiday extremely exciting: Porto Katsiki beach, Egremni beach, Kathisma beach and so much other places are iconic here.

Let’s see what are Lefkada best beaches in 2023: this travel guide with a lot of photos and videos is dedicated for these amazing places.

Lefkada beaches


Informations about the best sights and attractions of Lefkada island: discover magnificient natural beauties, lookouts with fantastic panoramas, breathtaking cliffs, imposing waterfalls and hiking trails in 2023.

By visiting Lefkada best sights you can walk in the gardens of monasteries and chapels and on the walls of Venetian castles. This tiny island has many historical and natural sights in Greece, interesting places and hidden gems, that a few days might not be enough to discover all of them.

Know more about sights and top attractions, what are worth to visit in 2023!

Best Lefkada sights


Visit the charming villages of Lefkada island on your holiday, and take pleasant walks through picturesque streets and flowery alleys.

Villages and towns

This Lefkada travel guide is dedicated for the villages, where a lot of informations and photos with advices can be find for sightseeing.

From the amazing Lefkada town to the popular resorts such as Nidri, Vasiliki, Agios Nikitas, Nikiana or Lygia, you can discover charming fishing villages with tiny harbours, and peaceful mountain settlements with old traditions.

Read more about the villages…


What are the best periods for a holiday in 2023? Lefkada weather informations with sea temperatures, statistics and facts about the weather and climate of the island.

Lefkada weather 2023 forecast in Greece

What do you expect from the weather during the summer months of 2023 including the weeks of May, June, July, August and September, which are the most important periods for a vacation.

Infos about the local weather…

Apartments, studios and villas for 2023

Where to stay in Lefkada: find the best rooms for your 2023 holiday, which are recommended by real user reviews.

Apartment and hotel reviews

A lot of apartments and hotels were built almost everywhere, which can be booked in advance.

Travellers can be find the best places for a stay in the tourist resorts and in calm villages both.

Boat trips and excursions

Let’s sail and discover the best beaches of the west coast, or take a visit to the Ionian Islands!

Daily boat trips and excursions of Lefkada, Nidri and Vasiliki

Boat excursions and daily boat trips are very popular in Lefkada, and also in Greece: enjoy the views of the famous sea cave Papanikolis, admire the iconic Porto Katsiki or Egremni beaches, or take a tour to Ithaca or Kefalonia. More about daily boat trips and excursions…

The most beautiful Ionian Islands nearby

Lefkada is surrounded by smaller and larger islands, which have unique characters and beautiful landscapes.

From the important ports of Nidri and Vasiliki travellers have a chance to visit these hidden gems of Ionian Sea, which are worth a visit.

Ionian Islands Greece

The emerald Meganisi, the private island Skorpios, the green Madouri, the interesting Kastos and Kalamos, or the amazing Kefalonia (Cephalonia) are all located just a few kilometeres away! Know more about the Ionian Islands nearby…

Ferries and ports

The island is well connected by ferries in Greece to other Ionian Islands such as Meganisi or Kefalonia.

Lefkada ferry information with routes and schedules

Known more about Lefkada ferry routes, actuals prices and schedules with other important informations. I would like to read about ferry connections…

Flights and airlines

Options for travelling by plane: Lefkada doesn’t have an airport, but the island can be reached by flights from a lot of countries.

Flights to Lefkada, Preveza airport and airline connections

The nearest airport is Preveza – Aktio Airport, just a few kilometers from Lefkada, where international flights, charters and domestic flights arrive daily.

Learn how to fly to the island…

Lefkada by car

Easy access on the road: Lefkada can be accessed by car much more easier than other islands in Greece.

Due to its unique geographical conditions you don’t need a ferry, because this island is connected with the Greek mainland by a pontoon bridge.

Travel to Lefkada by car

Let’s see, what you should know about the best routes from several countries of Europe: infos for travelling by car…

Why visit Lefkada in 2023 for a holiday?

Lefkada travel guide

Greece has a lot of beautiful islands, but Lefkada island is especially amazing due its natural conditions and beaches.

Let’s see why is this place superb for a holiday in Greece this year!

Lefkada Travel Guide

Lefkada Travel Guide

For the best vacations: are ready to plan your trip?

Read this complete Amazing Lefkada Travel Guide 2023 and learn all the important informations about the most beautiful beaches and best sights.

Descriptions and recommendations were made by locals and well prepared tour guides, who know this island best in Greece.

If you are looking for useful infos to where to stay in Lefkada, at the guides of the villages there can be find important informations and recommended apartments and hotels also.

Useful informations

These articles can be also interesting for you: randomized, fresh and tasty Lefkada travel guides for a top holiday in Greece. Before you book an accommodation or visit the local beaches and sights, just read these useful descriptions with a lot of photos and reviews.

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