Agios Nikitas beach

Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada

On the west coast of Lefkada Agios Nikitas beach is a beautiful situated place, and it’s quite special: only this amazing village has direct sea exit in the area. The location of Agios Nikitas beach (find on map as Paralia Agios Nikitas or Παραλία Άγιος Νικήτας in Greek language) is on the north side of the village, and you must walk through to the main street to reach this nice place.

Lefkada Agios Nikitas beach

Where to find Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada

Agios Nikitas beach is located about 12 kilometers away from Lefkada town, and the villages are connected to each other by a main road. You can travel to Agios Nikitas by car, by scooter or by local bus transport from the capital, and after you have arrived, to reach this place you have to find the main pedestrian street.

Agios Nikitas beach location and access in  Lefkada

Parking lots for cars can be find outside the village center, next to the main road, because the narrow streets of Agios Nikitas (Άγιος Νικήτας) were designed primarily for pedestrian traffic. The long street leads directly to Agios Nikitas beach, which is a tiny place in a picturesque location.

Travel guide with photos

As you can see on the photos, Agios Nikitas beach is a medium sized bay, which is surrounded by the apartments, studios and restaurants of the village. The seabed is relatively shallow, and filled primarily with coarse sand, small pebbles and some rocks.

Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada, Greece (Paralia Agios Nikitas)

Because the sea is quite calm here and the seabed is shallow, it can be recommended also for families with children, and for all who don’t swim well. Usually you can’t find on the coast of Agios Nikitas beach (Paralia Agios Nikitas, Παραλία Άγιος Νικήτας) parasols or sunbeds for rent, but you can use your own umbrella almost everywhere.

Lifeguard of Agios Nikitas beach

It’s worth to known that Agios Nikitas is one of the most popular villages in Lefkada island, with hundreds of visitors week after week, and for this reason during the summer months the beach of the village can be very crowded – especially on the weekends of July and August.

On the west side of Agios Nikitas beach there is a small walking route which leads you to north cliffs, where the beach is characterized by large stones and rocks. On the east side there are also some large rocks, forming small and secluded bays. These secluded places are beloved by nudists / naturists, and if you would like to spend a few hours here, it’s worth to arrive earlier.

View to Agios Nikitas beach

What to find near the beach

Behind the village beach you can find a large variety of taverns and coffee bars, offering you nice places to drink some cold or eat something tasty. Well known restaurants and bars behind Agios Nikitas beach are On The Rock cafe – bar, Sapfo restaurant (Σαπφώ), Captain’s Corner, En Plo (Εν Πλώ), En Portoni (Πορτόνι), Maistros (Μαΐστρος) and Lefteris taverna (Λευτέρης).

The small church of Agios Nikitas (Ιερός Ναός Αγίου Νικήτα) was built also behind the beach, where the bell tower can be seen. Some supermarkets and souvenir shops are also near to Agios Nikitas beach, situated on the pedestrian street within 100 meters, where travellers can buy some gifts, beach equipments, or other goods for your needs.

Agios Nikitas beach is medium protected from the biggest waves of the west coast, but not as much as the east coast of Lefkada. Behind the beach there can be seen a lifeguard during summer period, who takes care about the safety of visitors, and sets the green, yellow or red flags to the tower. In case of red flag the swimming in prohibited due to the waves or actual weather conditions of Lefkada.

Agios Nikitas beach with taxi boat to Mylos beach

What to see near Agios Nikitas beach

If you visit Agios Nikitas beach, you can see the amazing Pefkoulia beach about 3 kilometers away, which is listed by travellers usually among Lefkada’s best beaches as well.

On the west hills of the village a hiking trail leads to the other beautiful beach of this area, which is called Mylos beach. This amazing place, Mylos beach is one of the most beautiful places near Agios Nikitas, and can be accessed by two different ways from the village. The first and the slightly harder access is on foot, where the hike begins in the village center, and travellers have to climb the hills. This can be exhausting in the summer heat, so it’s worth to hike in the morning hours, the length of the hiking trail between Agios Nikitas and Mylos beach is about 700 meters.

The another way to Mylos beach is much easier, because taxi boats can be also used, which depart every hour and costs a few Euros. The taxi boats to Mylos beach depart only when the waves of the west coast are suitable. These small boats carry about 12-15 passengers to Mylos beach, and depart from the east part of Agios Nikitas beach.

The other great place near Agios Nikitas is Kathisma beach, one of the largest and most developed beaches in Lefkada island.

Where to stay

Lefkada Agios Nikitas apartments villas and where to stay info
The best apartments, studios and villas in Agios Nikitas, Lefkada
Travellers can find a lot of recommended accommodations in Agios Nikitas which have great guest reviews

Agios Nikitas beach info

Known as: Agios Nikitas beach, Paralia Agios Nikitas, Παραλία Άγιος Νικήτας

12 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea water color: blue, emerald
Sand type: sand, pebbles, rocks
Depth: normal
Sea surface: varied / calm
Crowds: usually crowded (especially in high season months)
Facilities: taverns, coffee bars, supermarket
Other Information: you can catch a taxi boat here to Mylos beach (Paralia Milos)
Accessibility: on foot

+ Pros

  • coffee bars and restaurants near the beach
  • interesting rocky forms in the area
  • quite shallow and usually calm sea

– Cons

  • usually crowded