Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas village, Lefkada

A travel guide to Agios Nikitas village in Lefkada: discover the most important tourist resort on the west coast! This village is a very special place in Lefkada, due to its unique location: it has direct sea exit, and there are 3 amazing beaches nearby. The beautiful landscapes and beaches make Agios Nikitas one of the best travel destinations in Lefkada island from June to August, which can be recommended for a holiday and for a daily visit both.

Lefkada Agios Nikitas

Location and access

The natural surroundings of Agios Nikitas are beautiful in Lefkada, because the houses of village were built in fertile valley on the west coast, surrounded by lush vegetation. When you visit the area, you will see hundreds of old olive trees, delicious grapes, cypress trees, pines and and fragrant flowers. The access of Agios Nikitas is very easy in Lefkada, because the main road which leads in the west coast, goes through the outskirts of the village. Lefkada town is located just 13 kilometers away also, and the route is not difficult at all.

View to Agios Nikitas Lefkada

The only drawback of Agios Nikitas is a limited number of the free parking lots, therefore parking can be very difficult during high season days, especially on weekends. You can park next to the main road, and if you are lucky, you can catch a free parking site near to the entrance of the village.

Parking in Agios Nikitas

Useful to know that the paved main street of Agios Nikitas is pedestrian street, which is closed for traffic, and visitors can only walk into the center. This is also a long promenade of Nikitas, because most of the streets are narrow and winding, but charming alleys on the hills with picturesque views.

Pedestrian street in Agios Nikitas

Guide to Agios Nikitas in Lefkada

When you discover the island, you will see that in Lefkada island Agios Nikitas is a very special settlement, because this village is the only one, which has direct sea exit on the west coast. Before the presence of mass tourism the village was just a small fishing settlement, where the locals were engaged to agriculture. This area is filled also today with olive and grape groves, and some locals even today produce wines and olive oil in excellent quality.

View to the houses of Agios Nikitas in Lefkada island, Greece

During summer months Agios Nikitas is the most bustling settlement in the west with taverns, coffee bars, supermarkets, souvenir stores, and bakeries. You can find here also car rental agencies, ATM, and of course a bus stop. Its excellent location and comprehensive services make Agios Nikitas so beloved and popular village in Lefkada, and of course don’t forget the amazing beaches of the area!

Lefkada Agios Nikitas apartments and hotels

Best restaurants in Agios Nikitas are Taverna Portoni, Sapfo (Σαπφώ), Asperous and Captain’s Corner, which are recommended often by locals and travellers both. Travellers like very much, that most of the buildings were built of stone in traditional style: nice street views and photos are guaranteed.

Best restaurants in Agios Nikitas

What to see in Agios Nikitas

The best sights of Agios Nikitas are the picturesque streets and narrow alleys, which give the charm of a traditional Greek village. The stone church of the village can be visited behind the beach, from where its bell tower can be seen well. Maps mention this place often as Agos Nikitas Old Church, or Ιερός Ναός Αγίου Νικήτα in Greek language.

Agios Nikitas sights

Other sights in Agios Nikitas are mostly natural attractions: the small beach in the north, the beauty of the surrounding hills and the hiking trails.

Beaches near the village

The village has its tiny own beach, which a small, but popular area. Agios Nikitas beach can be accessed from the direction of pedestrian road, where the coffee bars and restaurants are located. This place offer coarse sand, turquoise coloured waters for the locals.

View to Agios Nikitas beach

The location of Agios Nikitas is amazing, because some of Lefkada best beaches are located within a few kilometres. The nearest place is called Mylos beach, which can be accessed on foot from the center of the village (walk takes about 25-30′), or by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas beach.

Other great beaches nearby are called Kathisma beach and Pefkoulia beach, just a few kilometers away from Ag. Nikitas. All these beaches are usually listed as the best beaches of Lefkada, so if you spend your holiday here, don’t miss these beach gems on the west coast!

Where to stay

On the west coastline of Lefkada Agios Nikitas village is one of the best places, which offer a lot or services for visitors. A holiday is always recommended here, if you would like to stay close to the amazing west beaches. Before you book, always check the ratings and reviews of local apartments and hotels: click here for accommodations in Ag. Nikitas!

Lefkada Agios Nikitas apartments and hotels

If you are looking for the amazing beaches of Lefkada, Agios Nikitas is a great place for holidays. Keep in mind that parking can be difficult in high season, but the charm of the area and the great beaches of the west coast are exceptional even in Lefkada island.

Agios Nikitas info box

  • 12 km southwest from Lefkada town
  • Population: 150 (in low season, which increases much in high season)
  • Facilities: restaurants, bars, apartments, hotels, studios, rent a car agency, supermarket, camping, taxi boat, ATM
  • Nearest beaches: Agios Nikitas beach (0 km), Mylos beach (1 km), Kathisma beach (2,2 km), Pefkoulia beach (3 km)

+ Reasons to visit

  • panoramic views
  • a lot of taverns and bars
  • close to several amazing west beaches of Lefkada
  • easy access

– Cons

  • parking can be difficult during high season (July, August) months