Location / where to find: Lefkada northwest

Agios Nikitas village is the largest tourist resort on the west coast of Lefkada, and has an amazing location. The village is far famous for its beautiful landscapes and amazing beaches, which can be find in the area.

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The natural surroundings of Agios Nikitas are beautiful, because the houses of village were built in fertile valley, surrounded by lush vegetation. When you visit the area, you will see hundreds of old olive trees, delicious grapes, cypress trees, pines and and fragrant flowers. Agios Nikitas village has very easy access in Lefkada, because the main road which leads in the west goes through its outskirts. Lefkada town is located just 13 kilometers away also, and the route is not difficult at all.

The only drawback of Agios Nikitas is a limited number of the free parking sites, therefore parking can be very difficult during high season days, especially on weekends. You can park next to the main road, and if you are lucky, you can catch a free parking site near to the entrance of the village. Useful to know that the paved main street of Agios Nikitas is pedestrian street, which is closed for traffic, and visitors can only walk into the center. This is also a long promenade of Nikitas, because most of the streets are narrow and winding, but charming alleys on the hills with picturesque views.

Why visit Agios Nikitas in Lefkada?

Agios Nikitas is a very special settlement, because this village is the only one, which has direct sea exit on the western coast of Lefkada. Before the presence of mass tourism Nikitas was just a small fishing settlement, where the locals were engaged to agriculture. This area is filled with olive and grape groves, and some locals even today produce wines and olive oil in excellent quality.

During summer months Agios Nikitas is the most bustling settlement in the west with taverns, coffee bars, supermarkets, souvenir stores, and bakeries. You can find here also car rental agencies, ATM, and of course a bus stop. Its excellent location and comprehensive services make Agios Nikitas so beloved and popular village in Lefkada, and of course don’t forget the amazing beaches of the area! Most of the buildings were built of stone in traditional style.

Beaches near Agios Nikitas

The village has its tiny own beach, but the most beautiful beaches are located within a few kilometres. The nearest amazing beach to Agios Nikitas is called Mylos, which can be accessed on foot from the center of the village (walk takes about 25-30′), or by taxi boat from the beach. The other great beaches nearby are called Kathisma and Pefkoulia, just a few kilometers from Nikitas. All these beaches are listed as the best beaches of Lefkada island, so if you spend your holiday in Agios Nikitas, don’t miss these beach gems on the west coast!

If you are looking for the amazing beaches of Lefkada, Agios Nikitas is a great place for holidays. Keep in mind that parking can be difficult in high season, but the charm of the area and the great beaches of the west coast are exceptional even in Lefkada island.

Where to stay in Agios Nikitas?

The village is one of the best starting points to discover the west side of Lefkada, and next the village there can be find some amazing beaches also. If you would like to stay on your holiday on the west coast, this area is a great choice!

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Recommended apartments, studios in Agios Nikitas

Green View Apartments (up to 2-4 guests)

Konstantina Studios (up to 2-3 guests)

Deep Blue (studio apartment, up to 4 guests)

Evridiki’s Studios (up to 4 guests)

Lagadi Luxury Sea Side (apartment, up to 6 guests)

Afroditi Pansion (up to 2-5 guests)

Myrto Homes Apartment

Fetsis Apartments (up to 4 guests)

Afroditi Pansion (2-5 person)

Hotels in Nikitas

Odyssey Hotel (up to 2-4 guests)

Hotel Agios Nikitas (up to 2-4 guests)

The best villas of the area

Katerina’s village (villas up to 5 guests)

Beyond Villas (villas up to 7 guests)

Agios Nikitas View (up to 6 guests)

Valia Holiday Home (up to 4 people)

Dimarion Villas (up to 2-5 guests)

Eltheo Villas (up to 3-5 guests)

VinBlu Villa (up to 12 guests)

Agios Nikitas guide / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.787376, 20.612386
12 km southwest from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 150 (in low season, which increases much in high season)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: restaurants, bars, apartments, hotels, studios, rent a car agency, supermarket, camping, taxi boat, ATM
InformationNearest beaches: Nikitas beach (0 km), Mylos beach (1 km), Kathisma beach (2,2 km), Pefkoulia beach (3 km)

+ Reasons to visit

  • panoramic views
  • a lot of taverns and bars
  • close to several amazing west beaches of Lefkada
  • easy access

– Cons

  • parking can be difficult during high season (July, August) months
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