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Ammoglossa, Paralia Ammoglossa

The tiny beach of Amoglossa (or Ammoglossa) is located near to the entrance of Lefkada island, in a walking distance from the pontoon bridge.

The view of the beach is reminiscent of lagoons, because Amoglossa beach has well protected shallow waters with emerald sea colours. Amoglossa is visited usually just by a few visitors during the days of the summer, but the beach is very suitable for families with smaller children. The seabed is filled with coarse sand, and because of a shallow seabed sea temperatures are quite warm, it belongs to the warmest in Lefkada island. From the coast you can see the thick walls of Agia Mavra castle, which lies directly in front of Amoglossa. In the northern side of the beach there are three typical breakwaters, which take care of a calm sea surface.

If you visit this beach in Lefkada, you can find some parking places at the base of the wall, which is also a good viewpoint to the area. The closest beach to Amoglossa is called Kastro beach, it is situated in the neighborhood, only a few meters away.

The visitors of Amoglossa beach can see the boats which arrives or leaves the port of Lefkada town, because the boats must wait when the pontoon bridge of Lefkada is open. At the breakwaters the wind may be strong, so sometimes using an own parasol is not an option there.

Amoglossa beach info

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.847694, 20.720020
2 km north from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue
Sand typeSand type: sand, pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: normal
Waves Sea surface: usually calm
CrowdsCrowds: normal
Facilities on the beachFacilities: –
InformationOther Information: in front of the beach you can see the medieval castle of Agia Mavra (Venetian fort of Lefkada)
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car, on foot from Lefkada town

+ Pros

  • short distance from Lefkada town
  • easy access
  • usually not crowded
  • calm sea surface

– Cons

  • ship repair facilites in the area
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