Where to stay in Lefkada for the best 2022 holiday? What accommodations are recommended by guests and user reviews in Lefkada?

To find a perfect room, apartment, studio or hotel is always important, before you visit Lefkada. We have collected for you the best studios, apartments, hotels and villas of the island for 2022 based on the visitors feedbacks, because we think that visitors of this amazing island deserve the greatest accommodations for the best holidays.

Lefkada accommodation for 2022

In the recommended accommodations list below we selected the apartments, hotels and villas based on travellers feedbacks, so you don’t have to worry about your holiday. Check these lists, find your favourite and book in advance!

From June to September most of the best accommodations are almost fully booked (even during the Covid epidemic), so it’s definitely worth to book an accommodation in Lefkada for your 2022 holiday, if you know the exact date of your vacation.

The lists of recommended villas, hotels, and of course the apartments and studios you find below.

Lists of the best hotels and villas in Lefkada for 2022

List of Lefkada recommended apartments, studios, rooms

Apartments, studios in Nidri

Apartments, studios in Nidri

Nidri village and its area is recommended for all for who like bustling streets with several taverns, beach bars, and a lot of boat excursions.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Nidri…

Apartments, studios in Lefkada town

Lefkada town accommodations

The largest town of Lefkada is a great destination for a holiday, if you are looking for picturesque old town, bustling streets with great restaurants, coffee bars and several shops and services.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Lefkada town…

Apartments, studios in Vasiliki

Apartments in Vasiliki

A picturesque fishing village in the south side of Lefkada, which has a charming port with taverns, and interesting windsurf options.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Vasiliki…

Rooms in Agios Nikitas

Best hotels, apartments studios in Agios Nikitas

Small, but beautiful town on the west coast of Lefkada, surrounded by some of the best beaches in the island.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Agios Nikitas…

Apartments, studios in Nikiana

Nikiana apartments, rooms and studios

A tiny, but well organized village on the east coast is a good starting point to discover the east and the west coast.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Nikiana…

Apartments, studios in Lygia

Studios and apartments in Lygia

If you want to stay close to Lefkada town and looking for some apartments or studios in the outskirts, take a look to the accommodations of Lygia.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Lygia…

Rooms in Kalamitsi

Kalamitsi rooms and studios

A mountain village is recommended for those who like peace of mind, the relaxing atmospheres near the famous west coast.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Kalamitsi…

Rooms in Sivota

Sivota apartments, villas

A charming fishing village surrounded by hills, villas and a picturesque port.

Click here for recommended accommodations of Sivota…

If you are looking for bustling nightlife during summer months, or you prefer relaxing atmospheres in peaceful mountain villages, you can choose according for your preferences. Special offers and exclusive discounts are guaranteed, just click to the lists of accomodations, check them and book your favourite!

Find your favourite accommodation in Lefkada, book in advance and count the days until your Lefkada dream vacation in 2022!

Best apartments in Lefkada
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