Apartments in Nidri 2021

Apartments in Nidri, Lefkada

The best apartments and studios in Nidri village for 2021

Nidri is probably the most popular holiday destination in Lefkada, thousands of visitors stay here during the summer months. The village lies in picturesque natural enviroment, surrounded by mountains and the calm Ionian Sea. Nidri hosts wide range of taverns, bars, supermarkets, shops, car rental agencies, stores and dozens of other tourist services. If you are looking for the heart of the summer life in Lefkada, find an accomodation in Nidri!

Recommended apartments and studios, top choices in Nidri

Aggelos Apartments (up to 2 – 6 guests)

Sunrise Studios (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Thalassa Apartments (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Adria Luxury Apartments (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Emily Apartments (up to 2 – 6 guests)

Elias Apartments (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Dionysos Luxury Apartments (up to 4 – 6 guests)

Calderimi Lefkada (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Akti Studios (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Mare Vita Apartments (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Ilios Apartment (up to 4 guests)

Casa di Marinos (up to 2 – 5 guests)


The best villas for rent in the area of Nidri village

Celestia Villas (up to 6 guests)

Villa Rigilis (up to 5 guests, pool)

Red Villa (up to 8 guests, pool)

Villa Galini (up to 6 guests, pool)

Kores Villas (up to 6 guests)

Aqua Di Mare beach front villas (up to 4 guests)

Villa Maria PF (up to 6 guests, pool)

Villa Odysseas (up to 5 guests)

Alexandros Stone House (up to 5 guests)

Villa Myrtis (up to 7 guests, pool)

Villa Ilaira (up to 8 guests, pool)

The View Complex (up to 13 guests)

Villa Maura (up to 8 guests)


Top hotels in Nidri

Oasis Hotel (up to 2 – 4 guests)

San Lazzaro (up to 2 – 6 guests, sea view)

Konstantinos Hotel & Apartments (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Hotel Nidri beach (up to 2- 3 guests)

Royal Nidri (up to 2 – 4 guests)


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Find your apartment, studio or room in Nidri

Nidri will impress you, if you like picturesque promenades, idyllic natural scenery, dozens of taverns, bars, souvenir shops and other facilities. The village has a large port also, where elegant yachts, small fishing boats and ferries can be find.


Recommended apartments, villas and hotels in Nidri…

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