Apartments in Nikiana 2021

Nikiana apartments

Nikiana accomodations for 2021

Nikiana village is great place for those who like the warm and calm sea, next to the main road of Lefkada. Nikiana is also a good choice for families, because you will find here almost everything you need for your holiday: restaurants, mini markets, souvenir shops and a small port.

Recommended apartments and studios, top picks in Nikiana

Christianna Studios (up to 2 – 3 guests)

Eleana Boutique Hotel (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Aristea Apartments (up to 2 guests)

Matina Studios (up to 2 guests)

Agni Suites (up to 2 – 7 guests)

Aggeliki Apartments (up to 3 – 4 guests)

One Vision (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Nymph Rooms and Apartments (up to 2 – 4 guests)

Nikoleta Studios (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Jasmine Relaxing Apartments (up to 2 – 3 guests)

Vaso Studios (up to 2 – 6 guests)

Sea Mansion Lefkada (up to 2 – 5 guests)

Recommended villas and suites around the village

Crystal Waters (up to 2 – 5 guests, suites, rooms, pool)

Ionian Heaven Villas (up to 6 guests)

Villa Summer Breeze (up to 6 guests)

Pearl Mansions (up to 6 – 8 guests)

Costa Emmelia (up to 8 guests)

Diodati Villas (up to 4 – 10 guests)


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Accomodations in Nikiana

Some accomodations are located directly next to main road, but several apartments and studios was built next to the Ionian Sea, or on the surrounding hills of Nikiana


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