Boat cruises and excursions

Enjoy the best boat excursions, and conquer the waves of Ionian Sea! Lefkada boat cruises are one of the favourite activities for visitors during holiday.

Several shipping companies offer daily cruises from the large ports of Lefkada, from Nidri and a few from Vasiliki. Some of these boat cruises are visiting the most famous beaches of Lefkada like Porto Katsiki or Egremni, while other boats sail around the nearby islands and spend some pleasant time there. The excursion boats of Lefkada usually depart in the morning hours and return to the harbor in late afternoon.

You can buy the boat cruise tickets directly from the boat’s staff in at night, or in travel agencies, kiosks, ticket offices at daytimes.

Daily boat cruises and excursions from Nidri

7 islands cruises

Discover the most beautiful islands of Ionian Sea! You can sail around the charming Meganisi, Madouri, Skorpios, Skorpidi, Sparti, Kefalonia and Ithaca on a day trip. By some islands the excursion boats stop for a delicious meal or a short walk, these stops depend on the boats. Some boat first take a lovely visit at the famous beaches of Lefkada (usually to Porto Katsiki, Egremni or Agiofili) before they sail to the picturesque nearby islands.

Boat trips to other interesting Ionian Islands

Kastos and Kalamos islands are also nice members of Ionian Islands, but these places are not so well known among tourists. Despite all this, these islands are wonderful as well, because they have preserved their romantic charm in the past decades.

Daily beach cruises from Nidri

You can take a visit to the most famous beaches of Lefkada by boat from the port of Nidri. If you would like to see Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches from the direction of the sea, some ships will comply your wishes. These excursion boats spend some time also at these beaches, and you can swim in the crystal waters of Ionian sea, relax and sunbathe.

Glass bottom boat excursions

Take a look to the underwater life of the Ionian Sea! With sailing glass bottom boats you can see several fishes, crabs, starfishes, morays, and if you are lucky, maybe turtles or dolphins too.

Party boat

If the nightlife of Nidri is not enough for you, or you want something more exciting, get in a party boat! The party boat depart from the harbour of Nidri in the evenings (usually at 8 pm), sail to the sea, while the greatest music hits are played by DJ’s. Sometimes the boat stops at one of the nearby beaches and the party continues on the shore. The ship returns to port at midnight.

Daily boat cruises from Vasiliki port

Water taxi to Agiofili beach

Agiofili beach is known as one of the best beaches in the area of Vasiliki. You can visit this magnificient beach by taxi boat, which departs hourly from the port of the village.

Cruises and excursions to Lefkada beaches

If you stay in Vasiliki, you can sail to the best western beaches of Lefkada. There are some boats in the port which depart to Porto Katsiki, Egremni or Gialos beaches during summer days.




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