Cape Doukato is one of the most romantic places in Lefkada island with steep cliffs and a picturesque lighthouse, where amazing panoramic views are guaranteed.

Cape Doukato, or known as Cape Lefkatas became one of the most photographed parts of Lefkada, due to its wild scenery and breathtaking views. If you are curious, which is the most southern side of Lefkada, just drive to Cape Doukato! You will meet spectacular panoramas to the island, and if you have arrived, at the end there will be a charm of a real Greek lighthouse.

Legend & historical importance of Cape Doukato

In the ancient times there was built a small temple, which was dedicated to the Greek God Apollon. In the area archeologists were found some ancient coins and small sculptures with some ruins of the Greek temple. A legend said that the famous Greek poet Sappho jumped off the cliffs and died here in 569 B.C., because of her unrequited love to Phaon the ferryman.

A picturesque lighthouse of Lefkada

The original lighthouse of Lefkada was built over the cliffs a hundred years ago, but today you will see a modern one. There is also a small car parking lot at the end of the road, from where you have to walk a few meters up to the building of the lighthouse. The most characteristic Lefkada lighthouse is 14 meters high, and its guidence makes sailing significantly safer. Visitors can’t enter into the building of the lighthouse, because it is always locked for security reasons. But don’t be sad, you can walk around its garden and take the best photos of the area!

If you would like to visit Cape Doukato in Lefkada island, just drive in the direction of Porto Katsiki beach, and road signs will indicate where you have to turn. According to the fans Cape Doukato is one of the best sights in Lefkada, which show the wild and almost untouched beauty of Lefkada to it’s visitors.

Guide to Cape Doukato (Cape Lefkatas)

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.563096, 20.543046
50 km south from Lefkada town
Facilities on the beachFacilities: parking lot
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car, by motorbicycle
Entry fee / ticket: none (can’t enter into the building of a lighthouse)

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