Lefkada villages

Take a pleasant walk in Lefkada villages, where bustling coastal resorts, traditional fishing villages and picturesque mountanious settlements can be visited.

In Lefkada you can find every types of villages: this small Greek island offer for sightseeing a lot of charming streets, dozens of great restaurants and hidden gems. For travellers the best villages are highly recommended to discover, because a walk on the charming streets of Lefkada town, or a sightseeing tour in the beautiful ports of Nidri and Vasiliki are unforgettable moments on holidays.

The most villages and tourist resorts in Lefkada are located on the east coast, which is less mountainous: the capital of the island, Lygia, Nikiana, Syvota, Vasiliki are situated here. The most popular village in this area is Nidri, where the port offer daily boat trips to the best beaches, and its promenade is filled by great restaurants and shops.

On the west coast an amazing destination for travellers is Agios Nikitas, an exceptional village located near a lot of famous beaches. In the mountains of Lefkada the villages are smaller and more traditional: Karya, Kalamitsi, Exanthia and Athani are characterized by old stonehouses, narrow roads and breathtaking panoramic views.

As you will see in our Travel Guide, the villages of Lefkada has exceptional charm and beauty in Greece, so we suggest explore as many as you can!

Best Lefkada villages

The best 20 villages in Lefkada

Lefkada town travel guide

Lefkada town

Lefkada town is a beautiful capital of the island and the largest city, with a lot of local sights and hidden gems. One of the best best places for sightseeing, because it has great pedestrian roads which are filled restaurants, dozens of shops and wide range of services.

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Nidri village, Lefkada

Nidri Lefkada

Nidri is one of the best villages in Lefkada with a picturesque port, recommended restaurants and apartments, and a lot of interesting sights. The village is also great destination for a sightseeing, where boat trips and great attractions can be find.

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Agios Nikitas village, Lefkada

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful situated village in Lefkada island, surrounded by verdant hills and several famous beaches in the area. The village has wide range of apartments in the area, which can be recommended for a holiday.

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Vasiliki village in Lefkada island


Vasiliki offer a charm of a traditional fishing village in Lefkada, with a beautiful port and daily boat excursions. Due to its location it is also a great destination for a holiday, where restaurants, apartments and exceptional windsurfing options are waiting for travellers.

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Nikiana village, Lefkada


Nikiana is one of the coastal resorts on the east coast of Lefkada with port and a lot of apartments and studios, located between Nidri and Lefkada town.

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Karya village, Lefkada island


A mountain village of Karya village has a lot of interesting attractions in Lefkada: meet the old traditions of lace making, a famous folklore museum, and a nice central square with restaurants.

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Athani village Lefkada


Athani is one of the mountain villages, which are located on the west coastline of Lefkada, near to the best beaches of the island.

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Dragano village, Lefkada


A small village of Dragano is a central area of bee products and olive oils in Lefkada, an important agricultural settlement.

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Kalamitsi village, Lefkada island


The houses of Kalamitsi were built in the mountains, where the narrow streets are typical. In the area of the village there are some amazing beaches, such as Kavalikefta beach, Megali Petra beach and Avali beach.

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Lygia village, Lefkada


One the east coast of Lefkada Ligia is a small village with calm atmospheres and a lot of apartments and studios, near the capital of the island.

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Perigiali village, Nidri, Lefkada


The tiny village of Perigiali is a calm seaside resort on Lefkada east coast, built on the slopes of high mountains near Nidri.

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Ponti village, Lefkada


Ponti is the best place for windsurf in Lefkada, where the local winds make ideal conditions to sail fast on the sea.

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Tsoukalades guide in Lefkada


The houses of Tsoukalades were on a hill, near the west coast and Lefkada town. The streets of the village offer a lot of apartments and some restaurants.

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Sivota village, Lefkada island


Sivota village has one most charming ports in Lefkada, surrounded by amazing restaurants, a lot of flowers and hills with lush vegetation.

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Vlicho Nidri Lefkada


Vlicho is one of the smallest villages on the east coastline of Lefkada, which is famous for its boat repair facilites.

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