Desimi beach

Dessimi beach

One of the largest bays on the east coast: in Lefkada Desimi beach offer campings, boat rental options and calm sea surface in the area of Nidri village. The beach is surrounded by the slopes of the hills where lush vegetation grow, and make Desimi beach (or Παραλία Δεσίμι in Greek language) especially green area. In the background of the beach there is a small empty place for parking lot, and some restaurants can be also find.

  • Coordinates: 38.673334, 20.713039
  • Location: 311 00, Greece, near Nidri
Dessimi beach Lefkada

Desimi beach information

Desimi beach in Lefkada island is great for snorkeling, where if you are lucky, you can see some species of fish, squids, small octopuses, and shells. The beach is very well protected from the waves, the sea surface is calm almost always here. The shore is quite narrow, so Desimi beach can be crowded in the afternoons during high season.

The best local restaurants are Taverna Μάζα Μάσα, Menes beach taverna and Taverna Pirofani, where drinks and meals are awaiting for guests during the summer months.

Desimi is located near Nidri village, just a few kilometers away from the famous tourist resort of Lefkada. You can find two official camping sites of Lefkada here, on both sides of the bay. These are called Camping Desimi beach and Beach Camping Santa Maura, both are listed among the best campings in Lefkada island.

If you are looking for a boat rental company in Lefkada, Desimi beach is one of the answers to your needs. You can rent a boat here without a licence, and you can discover the east side of the island on the sea. The company is called Dessimi boats, and can be find on the west side of the beach with several small boats and ribs for rent.

Where to stay

Desimi beach is situated in Geni (Yenion) peninsula, a few kilometers away from Nidri, where a lot of accommodations can be rented for a holiday from the cheaper studios to ultimate villas. For available rooms and prices in the Geni peninsula just click here, where reviews and photos also can be find about the hotels and apartments. The options for a stay in Nidri the image with a palm below.

Yenion Desimi
Nidri Apartments

Guide to Desimi beach

  • 22 km southeast from Lefkada town
  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: sand, small pebbles, pebbles
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: calm
  • Crowds: normal (during some high season days can be crowded)
  • Facilities: parking lot, restaurants and beach bars, campings
  • Other Information: boat rental option
  • Accessibility: paved road

+ Pros

  • recommended for snorkeling
  • usually calm sea surface
  • lush vegetation of the area
  • rent a boat in Lefkada

– Cons

  • there are always some boats close to the beach;
  • narrow shore
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