Floating Bridge of Agia Mavra

Lefkada Floating Bridge of Agia Mavra

The primary connection between Lefkada island and Greece is provided by an interesting bridge: the floating bridge of Agia Mavra. In recent years the bridge became a well known symbol, because Lefkada pontoon bridge is the only option to reach the island by cars from the direction of the Greek mainland. The local buses and transfers from Preveza – Aktion Airport run also across, so most travellers pass through the floating bridge of Agia Mavra.

Lefkada pontoon bridge

Where to find

The floating bridge of Agia Mavra is effectively the entrance to the island, which is located just 1 kilometer away from Lefkada town, and 19 kilometers away from the airport. It got its name after Agia Mavra Castle, because the biggest fort of the island is situated directly next to it. Other important distances from Lefkada pontoon bridge: Ligia 7 km, Nikiana 10 km, Nidri 17 km, Vasiliki 38 km, Agios Nikitas 15 km, Kalamitsi 20 km.

Lefkada floating bridge location

Informations about the floating bridge of Agia Mavra

As the name indicates, the floating bridge of Agia Mavra is literally a pontoon bridge, which connects the other parts of Greece to Lefkada island. It was deployed over a canal, where boats also can sail, so the task of bridge is to ensure both road traffic and ship traffic. At certain times the pontoon bridge raises its wings and turns 90 degrees, interrupting road traffic and allowing the ships a free way.

Floating Bridge of Agia Mavra

On the road and on the canal near the floating bridge of Agia Mavra there are traffic lights for boats and for cars, which regulate the traffic. The rules of the passage are quite simple: when the lights are green, passing through is possible, but when the lights turns red, you have to stop your car. In most of the time the pontoon bridge serves the road traffic, but in every hour during daytime it close the passage and let through the boats for 10-15 minutes.

Driving through the bridge of Lefkada

The bridge is a metal structure, and by driving through you have to slow down your car, because it is very bumpy. One of the most important questions about the floating bridge of Agia Mavra: how much does it cost to drive through? The answer sounds really good, because passing through the pontoon bridge of Lefkada is totally free!

The nearest sight is Agia Mavra Castle, situated just a few meters away from the bridge, on its east side. A small parking lot can be find in front of the entrance of this Venetian fort. For other attractions in the area you have to visit Lefkada town, the amazing capital of the island, which has a charming old town, great restaurants and a lot of shops. The significant beaches here Ammoglossa beach with its lagoon-like shallow waters, and Kastro beach directly next to each other, both places are located within a distance of 300 meters.

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