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Flora in Lefkada

Flora & fauna of Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the most greenest islands of Greece. The lush vegetation of the island is due to high humidity and a proximity to the Ionian Sea. Most of the year even in the driest summer days the trees, bushes and flowers are living and vibrant. In the island there are a only a few bare mountains without plants, these places are the highest points of Lefkada.

If you discover the landscapes of Lefkada, you can see olive forests and several kinds of firs everywhere, with a lot of flowers. Oleanders, bougeanvilleas, cyclamens, geraniums, goat’s beards, mallows, asphodels are the most common, but beautiful and fragrant species.

The island has many vineyards, where the loval farmers produce wines in excellent quality. In the western side of Lefkada there some apiaries, because the mediterranean trees and flowers are brilliant for bees. They produce large quantities of high quality honey, and of course the visitors of the island can buy these fine products.



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