Flowers, trees and plants in Lefkada island

Lefkada is one of the greenest islands of Greece. The lush vegetation of the island is due to high humidity and a proximity to the Ionian Sea. Most of the year, even in the driest summer days the trees, bushes and of course the flowers of Lefkada are living and vibrant. There are only a few bare mountains without plants, but these places are the highest places, including Lefkada’s highest peak called Stavrota, close to Vasiliki and Agios Petros.

Trees and flowers of Lefkada

If you discover the amazing landscapes of the island, you can see olive forests and several kinds of firs everywhere, with a lot of flowers. Oleanders, bougeanvilleas, cyclamens, geraniums, goat’s beards, mallows, asphodels are the most common, but beautiful and fragrant species. The pleasant weather of Lefkada is especially good for these flowers, so the plants can bloom for a long time during the year.

You can find also an ancient oak forest on Mount Skaros (Skaron Andron). This magical place was highly esteemed by both the Turks and the Venetians. Mount Skaros is located in the eastern side of Lefkada, the road leads from Nikiana here.

Lefkada has many vineyards, where the local farmers produce wines in excellent quality. In the western side of Lefkada there some apiaries, because the bees especially likes the mediterranean trees and flowers. The Lefkadian farmers produce large quantities of high quality honey, and of course the visitors of the island can buy these fine products in the villages. The primary distributors for the most delicious honey and other bee products are local families in Dragano and Athani villages.

The olive oils which are produced in Lefkada, are also made in premium quality. These extra virgin olive oils are made with traditional techniques, which guarantees the best taste. You can buy these olive oils next to roads when you drive to Porto Katsiki, and of course in several markets of the island. There are other excellent products made from olive. The most popular ones are olive soaps and wide range of beauty products for skin care.

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