Gaidaros beach

Gaidaros beach Lefkada (Theotokos beach)

A great beach on the west coast of Lefkada: Gaidaros beach (can be find on maps as Παραλία Γάιδαρος in Greek language) is a relatively unknown, but a great place. This gem is located between Kathisma beach and Avali beach, and one of its best features is its calmness.

Gaidaros beach is also a recommended place in Lefkada for nudists, because the north area of this long coastline is visited often by them.

  • Location: Lefkada 310 80, Greece, near Kalamitsi
  • Coordinates: 38.766708, 20.596452
Lefkada Gaidaros beach

Location and access of Gaidaros beach in Lefkada

How to find in Lefkada Gaidaros beach: you have to drive to Kalamitsi village on the west coast of Lefkada, from where a narrow and winding road leads down to the sea. This road is the same which lead also to Kavalikefta beach and to Megali Petra beach, but you must turn off the road after you have leaved the village about 3 kilometers. This last road section is indicated by some road signs, but the road become more narrow and its overall quality getting worse.

After a few hundres meters and after some bends you will see Avali beach, but just drive further, follow the asphalt road, where this great beach is waiting for you. Next to the road there were built some parking lots, some of these are paid parkings.

Nektar Paradise beach bar in Gaidaros, Theotokos beach

What to find here

Gaidaros beach is one of the most secluded beaches on the west coast of Lefkada, a real hidden gem – on the beach there are usually just a few sunbeds and parasols for rent. This coast is more than 1 kilometer long, and has some smaller sections, therefore some travellers name one of these sections ‘Theotokos beach’, while the other is known as ‘Gaidaros beach’. The part of Theotokos beach lasts from Avali beach until the half of this area.

View to Gaidaros beach in Lefkada

Behind the beach visitors can find a small, but friendly beach bar called ‘Nektar Paradise‘, just about 250 meteres away from Avali. This is a slightly organized area, where some parasols and sunbeds can be used. This area of Gaidaros beach is perfect to enjoy the waves of Ionian Sea, the warm sun and nothing else matters.

Gaidaros beach photo, a nudist beach in Lefkada

As a lot of other beaches on the west coast of Lefkada, Gaidaros beach is characterized by coarse sand and some stones. Due for its western location sometime waves arrive here, and make exceptional blue colours for the sea. When the waves are big, this beach is less suitable for a swim as other beaches, because of the stones of the seabed.

Gaidaros photo

It’s worth to know that Gaidaros beach is one of the beaches in Lefkada, which have nudist parts! These parts are located further away from Nektar Paradise bar, a few hundred meters in north direction. If you prefer nudism on your holiday in Lefkada, this is one of the most recommended places for that activity.

If you visit Gaidaros beach in Lefkada, you can connect your trip to some other beautiful beaches in the area. On the southern end of Gaidaros you can see Avali beach and its bar, while a few kilometers away Kavalikefta beach and Megali Petra beach are located.

Lefkada waves, Gaidaros beach

It can be surprising but the well organized Kathisma beach is the north neighboor of Gaidaros, separated by large rocks from this area. All of these places are listed among Lefkada island’s best beaches, so if you decide to visit this area, a lot of highlights are waiting for you here!

Where to stay in the area?

Gaidaros (Theotokos) beach is located a few kilometers away from Kalamitsi village, where villas, apartments and studios are waiting for guests in the mountains. From the area of Kalamitsi the distance to the beach is about 5 kilometers. These accommodations below are recommended by travellers, just take a look. Local apartments, villas and studios in Kalamitsi village you can find and book here.

Apartments in Lefkada where to stay

Guide to Gaidaros beach (Theotokos)

Known as: Gaidaros beach, Paralia Gaidaros, Παραλία Γάιδαρος, Theotokos beach

  • Coordinates: 38.766708, 20.596452
  • 25 km southwest from Lefkada town
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: sand, small pebbles
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: usually not crowded
  • Facilities: Nektar Paradise beach bar, parasols & sunbeds for rent, parking lot
  • Other Information: the north part of the beach is for nudists / naturists
  • Accessibility: by car, by walking from Kathisma beach

+ Pros

  • calm atmospheres
  • beautiful natural scenery

– Cons

  • at some places stones make difficult the walk into the sea
  • road conditions from Kalamitsi are quite poor