Gira beach (Gyra, Παραλία Γύρας) can be find on the northenmost part of Lefkada island, where the nature formed an interesting peninsula-like geographical shape with a shallow lagoon. The beach of Gira is calm place to relax, just a few kilometers from Lefkada town, and has one of the easiest access.

Gyra beach in Lefkada (Gira, Παραλία Γύρας)
  • Known as: Gyra beach, Paralia Gira, Παραλία Γύρας in Greek
  • Location: Lefkada 311 00, Greece
  • Coordinates: 38.849562, 20.697084
  • Where to stay in the area: the nearest accommodations to Gyra beach are the apartments and studios in Lefkada town and in Agios Ioannis. To find rooms in this area just click here!

Gira beach location and access

Gyra beach, or Gira is located just about 2,5 kilometers from Lefkada town, and it can be reached by car or by walking from the capital. The floating bridge of Agia Mavra is also near, within one kilometer. The northernmost point of Lefkada island is home for the old windmills, sand dunes and bare landscapes. Gira beach is a continuation of the turquoise coloured Agios Ioannis beach, and starts from the north windmills, and lasts until the east side of the peninsula, where Kastro beach (Παραλία Κάστρο) and Ammoglossa beach (Αμμόγλωσσα) are located.

Gyra beach location, how to access Gira in Lefkada

The access of Gira beach (Παραλία Γύρας) is very easy, and it can be reached two different ways as well. Firstly, just follow the asphalt road which leads from Lefkada town to Agios Ioannis, and follow the road which leads next to the ruined windmills. Drive further a few hundred meters from the last windmills, when you will see a beach bar next to the road, after a large road bend.

Gira beach (Gyra) in the north

The second option to access Gira beach is perhaps more easier, just drive in the direction of the floating bridge from the capital, but do not turn onto it. If you follow the main road, after a left bend you can decide, where you stop your car, because the road leads directly next to Gira.

Gyra beach (Gira) in Lefkada, aerial drone photo
The long Gyra beach in Lefkada

Why visit Gira beach? Guide with photos

Gira beach (Παραλία Γύρας) is a quite long place in Lefkada with its length of 2 kilometers, and has organized and unorganized parts both. After leaving the windmills (from the direction of Agios Ioannis) there are some dirt trails to the beach, or you go further to east, where you can find the organized parts with a small parking lot with a cantina.

Gyra beach bar

Gyra beach bar

One of the significant bars of Gira beach are known as Kantina Gyra da Varka (Καντίνα Τρύπια Βάρκα Λευκάδα), a small place with free parking lot, offering refreshments for guests. In front of the cantin the sea is quite shallow, with coarse sand and stones. When the winds are not strong, this place can be suitable for children also.

Enjoy the sun and sea at Gira beach

The other bar of the area is Blue Sea beach bar, just about 100 meters away from the small cantin. This place is larger, offering sunbeds and parasols for rent, where the parking lot for cars are situated next to the road. Due to the length of Gira beach (Παραλία Γύρας) there are a lot of places, which are much more secluded and offer some privacy.

gira lefkada beach 1

Visitors of Gira like the calm atmospheres and the crystal clear Ionian Sea, which is usually shallow here. If you see some stones under the sea surface, so you have to take care yourself. It’s worth to know that due for its location Gira beach is sometimes windy, especially in the late afternoons.

Gira beach

Beaches near Gira

In the area of Gyra beach you can visit the best kitesurf spot in Lefkada island. At the old windmills, between Agios Ioannis and Gira kitesurfers sail in the afternoons, when special winds arrive from the west. If you would like to visit the place and you are interested in this amazing extreme sport, drive here between 3 – 4 PM and enjoy the high speed and the exciting stunts of the surfers!

Lefkada kitesurf spot

Another significant places near Gira are Kastro beach and Ammoglossa beach, which can be find on the east side of the beach. You can connect your beach trip by visiting the castle of Agia Mavra (Κάστρο Αγίας Μαύρας), an important historical sight of Lefkada, just about a few hundred meters away from Gira. The fort was under Venetian and Turkish control in the mediaval ages.

Where to stay in the area

Gira beach (Gyra) info

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.849562, 20.697084
2 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue
Sand typeSand type: pebbles, some rocks
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow / normal
Waves Sea surface: moderate
CrowdsCrowds: usually not crowded
Facilities on the beachFacilities: beach bars (Blue Sea beach bar, Gyra cantina) during high season
InformationOther Information:
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car, by bicycle from Lefkada town

+ Pros

  • calm atmospheres;
  • shallow waters;

– Cons

  • sometimes wavy and windy for a swim
  • at some places there are large rocks in the water

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