Kathisma beach

Kathisma beach, Lefkada

An amazing place for travellers in Lefkada: Kathisma beach offer endless blue colours and incredible wide range of services on the west coast. This exceptional beach belongs definitely to the best beaches of the island, which can be find in a picturesque area, surrounded by lush vegetation.

If you spend your holiday in Lefkada, a visit to Kathisma beach is strongly recommended: it’s access is quite simple, and this beach has a lot of great features. On the local maps you can find this place just a few kilometers away from Agios Nikitas village. Now let’s see, what are the most important informations in 2024 which you should know about this gem.

Lefkada Kathisma beach

Location and access of Kathisma beach in Lefkada

The amazing Kathisma beach is located on the west coast of Lefkada island, near the long and fertile coastline of Ag. Nikitas. This great place can be reached quite easy, because it is about 3 kilometers away in the south from the popular village. It’s worth to watch the road signs when you are closer, because at the junction where you must leave the main road, is near to a road bend.

After you have leaved the main road the road conditions are good enough, but watch out for the last hairpin bends, which are quite narrow before you arrive to Kathisma beach. There can be find a lot of free parking lots without shade, but after these places filled, you have to drive into paid parkings. Due to the high number of visitors the free parking places fill up quickly during high season months, especially on weekends.

Kathisma can be accessed by local buses also, which depart from the bus station of Lefkada town.

Kathisma beach parking lot

Travel guide with photos

Travellers say often that Kathisma beach belongs to the best beaches in Lefkada, its reputation based on the breathtaking natural scenery and the well organized areas: a lot of beach bars and taverns can be find. By visiting this exceptional beach you will understand quickly, why is this magical place so popular!

Lefkada Kathisma beach aerial drone photo

As can see on the photos of Kathisma beach, the scenery is beautiful, because this area consists of green slopes with lush mediterranean vegetation, pine trees, olive groves and vivid flowers of Lefkada. The coast lasts about 1 kilometer long and it’s quite wide, so the buildings and the parking lots behind the beach are not desturbing at all.

Panoramic view to Kathisma beach

On the beach there are a dozens of blue, white or green coloured parasols and sunbeds, which can be rented by visitors. Most of the parasols belong to the bars, you can see their logos well if you walk down from the parking lot. Fortunately, however there are a few places which are free from the long lines of parasols, so can use your own beach equipment in Kathisma beach. Before you sit down, always check the area, because there are some areas where paragliders land on the ground.

Kathisma beach background

The coast is filled by coarse sand and some pebbles, so water shoes are not neccessary for the most people who visit Kathisma beach. The seabed deepens quite quick, similar to the most beaches which are located on Lefkada west coast.

Kathisma beach (on Lefkada maps is known as also Paralia Kathisma or Παραλία Κάθισμα) is famous for its bars, where visitors can find exclusive cocktail bars such as Copla beach bar, Areia Club Restaurant, Libre, and Monato da gusto. If you get hungry, next to the bars there were built also some restaurants with friendly staff, such as Giovanni’s Grill House Restaurant, Libre, Akrogiali restaurant or Anapsiktirio.

If you discover the area of Kathisma beach, in the northern and in the southern parts you will find some interesting rocks, showing more spectacular views to the beach. The two ends of the beach are usually not so crowded than the central areas, so of you are looking for some privace, take a look these, especially the southern area.

About the famous waves of Kathisma

The west coast of the island is famous for its waves and for the exceptional blue colours, which are present at such times. When the waves arrive, Kathisma beach is one of the best places to enjoy the waves in Lefkada and in Greece! These waves offer to the beach enthusasts really unique experience, bring a lot of fun and adventure to the holiday.

Kathisma beach Lefkada waves

If there are big waves in Lefkada island for a few days, the sea colours are so amazing, and this phenomenon is the basis of the fantastic ‘Lefkada blue waves’.

The reason why is Kathisma beach a recommended place to watch the waves, is the long continuous coast, and a seabed which lacks large stones. The waves are breathtaking, and make some really fun moments on a holiday. But always be careful, when the waves arrive – sometimes the strength of the big waves can be dangerous also.

Behind the beach there is a lifeguard tower, which indicates when the waves are getting too dangerous for a swim – if you see a red flag on the tower, swimming is prohibited. so it can be possible that you will meet this place as a beach with calm sea surface.

Lefkada best beaches Kathisma beach blue colours

It’s worth to know if you are looking for big waves on the west coast of Lefkada island, that waving is not always present even in Kathisma beach. The famous waves are not always present, so it can be possible that you will meet this place as a beach with calm sea surface.

Why is this place so beloved in Lefkada island?

Kathisma beach combines well the full organized areas with the stunning natural surroundings. In the last decade this beach become one of the most popular beaches of Lefkada island, visited by thousands of travellers every year. The other beach with such a high level of attendance is Porto Katsiki beach, while the other famous beaches are slightly less visited than these two places.

Kathisma beach blue colours in Lefkada

Kathisma is also mentioned often as one of the best beaches in Lefkada island, and beloved by many travellers due to its easy access and beautiful natural environment.

Lefkada beach

Paragliding at Kathisma beach

Paragliding is one of the most interesting activities in Lefkada island: Kathisma beach is an especially recommended place, a lot of people mention it as the best paraglide spot of the island. In the mountains there are two different take off places, from where paragliders fly. The primary place for take off is located in Exanthia (Εξάνθεια) village, more precisely in Rachi Restaurant (RACHI food & more), which is famous from its magical sunsets also.

Lefkada paragliding over Kathisma beach

Flight times and prices for paragliding are different, depend on companies and season. If you want to try paragliding over Kathisma beach, just find the hut one of the paragliders in the car parking, or ask a paraglide driver after they had landed on the shore. The experience of paragliding in Lefkada is fantastic, especially in beautiful sunny weather, when the sea is more blue than the sky!

Kathisma beach paragliding in Lefkada

Where to stay

The area of Kathisma beach is well organized place in Lefkada, where you can find some great apartments and villas for a holiday. Within a 3 – 4 kilometers distance there are several great accommodations, this area is well known for exclusive villas. The local apartments and hotels of Agios Nikitas you can find here, where photos, reviews and ratings can be seen, and you can book of course.

Lefkada apartments and hotels for holidays

What to see near Kathisma beach

When you visit Kathisma beach, don’t forget to discover other amazing beaches of the area, because the fantastic Mylos beach and Pefkoulia beach are situated just a few kilometers away from this place. It’s recommended to take a walk in Agios Nikitas, one of the most picturesque villages in Lefkada island, which is situated 3 kilometers away.


Known as: Kathisma beach, Paralia Kathisma, Παραλία Κάθισμα

Coordinates: 38.777219, 20.600441
14 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand typeSand type: sand, pebbles
Depth: normal
Waves Sea surface: moderate, sometimes big waves
Crowds: usually crowded (especially on weekends / during high season)
Facilities: taverns, beach bars, parasols, sunbeds for rent, free parking lot, paid parking lot (shaded), changing rooms, showers, lifeguard, paragliding, beach volley
Other Information: –
Accessibility: by car, by local bus transport

+ Pros

  • spectacular natural scenery
  • amazing water colours
  • well organized
  • near Agios Nikitas village

– Cons

  • during high season afternoons parking may difficult
  • one of the most crowded beaches in Lefkada island
Where to stay, hotels and apartments