Best Lefkada apartments, villas, studios 2024

Lefkada town rooms, apartments

Where to stay in Lefkada town

Lefkada town, or just ‘Lefkada’ is the cultural and economical center of the island, and the largest town of course. The area of this picturesque town offer for travellers a lot of apartments and hotels, because the charming streets are filled with restaurants and shops, and the west coast and the east coast can be reached quite easy. The apartments

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Apartments in Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

Agios Nikitas Apartments

Agios Nikitas is a special place in Lefkada, due its unique location on the west coast. The village is surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation, where a lot of apartments and villas were built. Agios Nikitas apartments and hotels are near to some of the best beaches in Lefkada: the amazing Mylos beach, Kathisma beach and Pefkoulia beach are situated

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Nikiana apartments

Where to stay in Nikiana

The apartments of Nikiana village are recommended for those travellers who are looking for calm sea and fast access to the main road. Nikiana can be also a good choice for families, because they will find here a lot of things for a holiday: restaurants, mini markets, some souvenir shops and a small port. The beach of Nikiana is shallow,

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Apartments and studios in Vasiliki, Lefkada

Where to stay in Vasiliki

The small fishing village of Vasiliki offers calm atmospheres and picturesque seaside promenade in the southern side of Lefkada in 2024. The port of the village offer boat trips for travellers to the west coast, and is situated quite near to Porto Katsiki beach and Egremni beach. Vasiliki apartments and studios can be recommended for families and for windsurf fans

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Where to stay in Lefkada Greece

Where to stay in Lefkada in 2024

An important question for travellers, which literally defines the days of vacation: where to stay in Lefkada, Greece? This amazing island is a top destination for holidays, which offer hundreds of apartments and hotels to book in 2024. Every corner of Lefkada has its own accommodation options, but the locations of the apartments are varied, and there are large differences

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Lefkada west coast villas

Lefkada villas 2024

The best villas of Lefkada offer cozy rooms, much more privacy and exceptional views in 2024. Lefkada villas are famous for the high standards, where the guests spend their holiday in clean, well equipped and beautiful rooms. Quick link: Clich here for the list villas of Lefkada island, where you can see the prices, reviews and booking options! The local

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Lefkada hotels

Lefkada hotels 2024

The hotels of Lefkada offer the wide range of services and comfort: travellers you can find the best hotels almost in every village of the island. Most of Lefkada hotels are situated in the capital, but there were also built in Nikiana, Nidri, Agios Nikitas, Vasiliki. Quick access for Lefkada hotels in 2024: List of the hotels, prices, reviews The

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Lefkada apartments and hotels
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