Guide to Lefkada west beaches

If most people were to be asked, where can be find the most beautiful parts of Lefkada, many of them would vote for Lefkada west coast. The answer is quite easy, because when you meet Lefkada west beaches, it's definitely an awesome feeling!

The entire west coast of Lefkada island is a true natural beauty, which is characterized by dramatic landscapes, steep cliffs and lush vegetation on the top of mountains. Due for exceptional geographical features and for breathtaking views Lefkada west beaches are listed as top beaches in Greece, which are also outstanding worldwide.

One of the best trademarks of Lefkada west coast beaches are the big waves, which usually arrive and make the sea incredibly blue! As the fans of the island call it, 'Lefkada blue' is a unique feature of Lefkada, which is nowhere else so dramatically present. When the sea is calm, Lefkada west coast beaches look totally different, but it is also wonderful due to crystal clear waters, due to millions of emerald and turquoise colours.

Lefkada west beaches overlook the open Ionian Sea, while the east coast look towards the mountains of the Greek mainland.

Lefkada west coast beaches
View to Lefkada west coast

Travel guide to Lefkada west coast beaches

Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada

Agios Nikitas beach

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful situated village on the west coast of Lefkada island, and quite special, because only this settlements has direct sea exit in the area. Agios Nikitas beach (Paralia Agios Nikitas, Παραλία Άγιος Νικήτας in Greek) is located on the north side of the village, and you must walk through to the main street to reach this …

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Avali beach guide, Lefkada

Avali beach

The charm of Avali beach (Παραλία Αβάλι) will definitely touch you when visitin this place in Lefkada, because amazing blue waters and spectacular views are guaranteed. The fans of Avali beach appreciate highly also the local bar which can be find here, where banana palms and friendly atmospheres can be find. Avali beach location and access Avali beach (Παραλία Αβάλι) …

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Gaidaros beach Lefkada (Theotokos beach)

Gaidaros beach

Gaidaros beach (Παραλία Γάιδαρος) is relatively unknown place among Lefkada beaches, despite the fact that it is located between the popular Kathisma beach and Avali beach. But the fans of Gaidaros beach know well this place in Lefkada island, because this beach and its area is one of the hidden gems in Lefkada! Where to find Gaidaros beach in Lefkada, …

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kastro beach lefkada town 1

Kastro beach

Kastro beach (Paralia Kastro, Παραλία Κάστρο) is located near to the pontoon bridge of Lefkada, in the north side of the island. Its access is very easy for visitors, because it is situated next to Lefkada town, and can be reached from two directions. Kastro beach location and access in Lefkada This beach has very easy access in Lefkada island, …

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Amoglossa beach

Ammoglossa beach

The tiny Ammoglossa beach (Αμμόγλωσσα, or Amoglossa) is an interesting place in Lefkada, offering shallow seabed and calm atmospheres for travellers. Ammoglossa beach is one of the less visited beaches in Lefkada island, despite it is located near to the floating bridge, just a few meters from the entrance of the island. Location and access of Ammoglossa beach in Lefkada …

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Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada Greece

Porto Katsiki beach

PORTO KATSIKI BEACH Location / where to find: Lefkada west coast Paralia Porto Katsiki Porto Katsiki beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada with huge vertical cliffs and breathtaking panoramic views. Porto Katsiki is a natural wonder, one of the symbols of Lefkada, which is listed by travel guides among the best beaches in Lefkada, and even one …

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Mylos beach, Lefkada Greece

Mylos beach

Mylos beach (Paralia Milos, Παραλία Μύλος) is a beautiful member of the best beaches in Lefkada island, which everyone should see on a holiday. This gem can be find near Agios Nikitas, where the area is filled by amazing beaches with breathtaking natural scenery and turquoise waters. For visiting Mylos beach in Lefkada travellers have two options both, because it …

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Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra beach

The place where calm atmospheres and a pure beauty of the nature combine, known as Megali Petra beach in Lefkada island. According to many, Megali Petra beach (Paralia Megali Petra, Παραλία Μεγάλη Πέτρα) is definitely a hidden gem of Lefkada, and belong to the most beautiful beaches of the island! The name of Megali Petra beach means ‘Big Rock’ in …

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Kathisma beach, Lefkada

Kathisma beach

Lefkada island offer a lot of amazing beaches for travellers, but Kathisma beach (Paralia Kathisma, Παραλία Κάθισμα) is definitely a favourite for many, which offer blue colours and incredible wide range of services on the west coast. Kathisma beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada, due to the lush vegetation of the surrounding mountains and to …

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Gialos beach in Lefkada

Gialos beach

The main feature of Gialos beach (Paralia Gialos, Παραλία Γιαλός) is a calm atmosphere on the southern side of Lefkada. Gialos beach is less popular, than the beaches nearby such as Egremni beach or Porto Katsiki beach, but if you are looking for a place in the south where the coast is long and there are usually no such crowds, …

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Gira beach, near Lefkada town

Gira beach

Gira beach (Gyra, Παραλία Γύρας) can be find on the northenmost part of Lefkada island, where the nature formed an interesting peninsula-like geographical shape with a shallow lagoon. The beach of Gira is calm place to relax, just a few kilometers from Lefkada town, and has one of the easiest access. Gira beach location and access Gyra beach, or Gira …

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Egremni beach Lefkada

Egremni beach

Egremni beach (Paralia Egkremni, Παραλία Εγκρεμνοί) in Lefkada island is an iconic place, characterized by incredible contrasts, with all shades of blue and white colours. As one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast, Egremni beach is a true gem of Lefkada and also Greece, where the nature formed breathtaking steep cliffs, white pebbly seabed with the famous …

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Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach

Exceptional sea colours and calm atmospheres are the main features of Agios Ioannis beach (Paralia Agios Ioannis, Παραλία Άγιος Ιωάννης) in Lefkada, which is located just a few kilometers away from the capital of the island. You can meet on some maps with another name of the beach, because it is known as Ai Giannis beach also. The small village …

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Kavalikefta beach

Kavalikefta beach

Giant rocks and tiny bays make special Kavalikefta beach (Paralia Kavalikefta, Παραλία Καβαλικευτά) in Lefkada island, near Kalamitsi village. If you visit Kavalikefta beach, you will meet one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada, which is surrounded by high mountains and deep blue sea. Its access is sometimes not easy, but as the biggest fans of the beach say, …

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Pefkoulia beach guide in Lefkada

Pefkoulia beach

One of the most attractive beaches in the north part of Lefkada is Pefkoulia beach (Paralia Pefkoulia, Παραλία Πευκούλια), which represents the beauties of the island well. A great feature of Pefkoulia beach is its super fast access, because it is located directly next to the road, which leads between Lefkada town and Agios Nikitas. If you arrive from the …

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