Guide to Lefkada west beaches

If most people were to be asked, where can be find the most beautiful parts of Lefkada, many of them would vote for Lefkada west coast. The answer is quite easy, because when you meet Lefkada west beaches, it's definitely an awesome feeling!

The entire west coast of Lefkada island is a true natural beauty, which is characterized by dramatic landscapes, steep cliffs and lush vegetation on the top of mountains. Due for exceptional geographical features and for breathtaking views Lefkada west beaches are listed as top beaches in Greece, which are also outstanding worldwide.

One of the best trademarks of Lefkada west coast beaches are the big waves, which usually arrive and make the sea incredibly blue! As the fans of the island call it, 'Lefkada blue' is a unique feature of Lefkada, which is nowhere else so dramatically present. When the sea is calm, Lefkada west coast beaches look totally different, but it is also wonderful due to crystal clear waters, due to millions of emerald and turquoise colours.

Lefkada west beaches overlook the open Ionian Sea, while the east coast look towards the mountains of the Greek mainland.

Lefkada west coast beaches
View to Lefkada west coast

Travel guide to Lefkada west coast beaches

Lefkada west coast beaches

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