Lefkada by car

Lefkada by car

The island of Greece, which has very easy access: travelling to Lefkada by car is easy as a pie in 2024! The location of Lefkada is exceptional in Greece, because the island is situated very close to mainland, so it can be reached without ferries. For this reason most of the visitors travel to Lefkada by car, from many European countries as well. If you arrive from the north, you only have to drive through an underwater tunnel in Preveza town (Aktio-Preveza Tunnel), and cross a floating bridge. Compared to other Greek islands this is an amazing feature, because you don’t need to book a ferry, and driving to Lefkada by car is fast and easy.

Lefkada island coordinates for cars: 38.835762, 20.710721

Driving to Lefkada by car

How to travel to Lefkada by car

If you plan your holiday to Greece, Lefkada island by car, and you arrive from the north direction (Germany, Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc) you have to drive on international highways. The primary route to Lefkada from the north is the international highway called E-75, which must be left at Thessaloniki, and you have to turn to Egnatia Odos (A2 motorway) and drive until the town of Ioannina. Most of the route planners, such as Google Maps plan the route usually well, if you set the coordinates of Lefkada.

Egnatia Odos A2 Highway, on the road to Lefkada island Greece

By reaching the town of Ioannina follow the road signs which indicate Ionia Odos / A5 highway, and turn onto this new and wide highway. You must leave Ionia Odos / A5 before the town of Arta, and you have to follow Preveza / Filippiada road signs.

Ionia Odoso A5 highway to Arta and Lefkada

Preveza undersea tunnel

When you arrive to Preveza, you will meet a famous undersea tunnel of Greece. By driving through Preveza-Aktio undersea tunnel there is a pay toll, where a fee must pay (3-6 Euros for a car, which depends on the size). The pay toll was built on the southern side of the undersea tunnel.

Arriving to Lefkada by car

After leaving the undersea tunnel, there is a small airport of Preveza, the road passes beside it. From this point multiple roads signs help you for driving safely and simply to Lefkada, or follow the GPS coordinates. Before arriving to the island you will drive through the floating bridge of Agia Mavra, known as F/B Santa Maura (Agia Mavra bridge). This is a pontoon bridge of Lefkada, which is free to use, but always drive slowly and carefully. It’s surface is very bumpy!

After you the floating bridge, you hit the jackpot: welcome to Lefkada island! The pontoon bridge is located about 1,5 kilometers away from Lefkada town, which is the capital of the island. From here road signs indicate the right directions, and your further journey depends on the location of your accommodation. You will see, Lefkada by car is one of the best destinations for holidays in Greece.

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Have a safe and nice trip!

Entrance to Lefkada island
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