Lefkada by car

Travel to Lefkada by car

Travel to Lefkada by car

Lefkada is known as an island, but fortunately it has one of the most easiest access by car among Greek islands.

Why? Because Lefkada is situated very close to the mainland, so you only have to drive through an underwater tunnel and cross a floating bridge, and you arrive to the island! Unlike other islands you don’t need to go by ferry, except if you want to depart from other Ionian island, like Kefalonia, Ithaka or Meganisi.

If you plan your holiday to Lefkada by car, and will you come from northern countries (Germany, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc) on highways like E-75, you have to take Ioannia town first (Ioannina coordinates: 39.602500, 20.891669). The main road that leads to Lefkada starts at Ioannina, just follow the roads signs to Preveza (Arta). From Ioannina you must navigate to Preveza town, where you will meet an underwater tunnel (just follow the signs to the tunnel, you don’t need to enter the city). The tunnel was constructed under the sea, and you must pay a fee for its use, but a few Euros only.

After the tunnel you will drive next to the airport of Preveza, and from this point multiple roads signs are helping for you driving safely and simply to Lefkada. Before you arrive to the island, you will drive through a blue coloured metal bridge, called F/B Santa Maura (Agia Mavra bridge). The bridge is free to use, but drive slowly and carefully: it’s surface is very shaky and bumpy!

If you get off the bridge, you hit the jackpot: welcome to Lefkada island!

After the bridge you need drive a little more to reach Lefkada town, but the distance is only a 1,5 kilometres. In the capitol roads signs show the right directions if your accomodation is located on the eastern side (Nidri, Vasiliki, Lygia, Sivota, etc) or on the west (Tsoukalades, Agios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, etc).

After leaving the bridge this road leads you to the island’s capitol, Lefkada town

Lefkada island coordinates: 38.835762, 20.710721



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