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How to reach the island by plane: Lefkada airport informations for travellers. In Greece there are a lot of islands, which have airports and can be reached by domestic and international flights. Due to geographical reasons in Lefkada airport was never built: the landscapes of the island are characterized by high mountains, steep cliffs and valleys. There are no such places which support the constructions of an airport, the long and flat runways, but Lefkada can be reached by plane: the nearest airport is located just a few kilometers away in Greece!

Preveza – Aktion International Airport is usually known as by travellers as Lefkada Airport due to the small distances to the island, because it is situated just 20 kilometers away. If you are looking for flights to Lefkada, Greece, always look the flights which arrive to Preveza – Aktion International Airport (IATA code: PVK), because the airport is in the flight booking systems under this name.

Lefkada airport informations

The nearest airport to Lefkada

As the nearest airport to Lefkada in Greece, Preveza – Aktion Airport is located just 20 kilometers away from the island, next to the town of Preveza. People mention it often as Lefkada Airport, but this name is literally uncorrect due to its location: Preveza is a small Greek town, which was built in the mainland. On maps you can find Preveza north from Lefkada, next to the coastline of Ionian Sea. The official name of the airport is Aktion International Airport, its IATA codename is PVK. The airport got its official name after by Aktion, which is a small village next to Preveza, founded by the Romans. The runways and the airport buildings are situated between Preveza and Lefkada, so transfer times to the island are quite fast.

To check the airlines and actual flights to Lefkada you have to take a look the flights of Preveza Airport (PVK).

Greece Lefkada airport

Flights to Lefkada

Most of the international charters and domestic flights to Preveza – Aktion Airport near Lefkada arrive during summer months, from May to September. The airport is connected by local buses (KTEL) with Lefkada town, where the central bus station of the island can be find. If you choose public transport, the travel times to Lefkada by local buses take about 30 minutes from the airport.

Airlines and flights which arrive to Preveza Airport (PVK), near Lefkada:

  • Condor, Sky Express, Volotea, Smartwings, Jet2, Ryanair, EasyJet, Transavia, Norwegian,Vueling, Tui, British Airways, Lufthansa, etc

European countries which are connected with Preveza Airport:

  • Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic
Flights to Lefkada, Greece

Transfers to Lefkada from the airport

You have 3 options for transfers Lefkada from the airport of Preveza: public bus transport, taxi servixe, car hire.

The local buses run between the central bus station of Lefkada and the airport. This kind of transfer is the cheapest (price: 3 Euro / route), but it’s worth to know the buses runs only 3 – 6 times a day, depend on the actual day. When the air traffic getting higher during summer months, the buses run more slightly often. The actual local bus schedules between the airport and Lefkada can be find here: ktel-lefkadas.gr

Taxi services are also avalaible in front of the terminal building, which operate 0-24. Taxi services from Preveza to Lefkada are comfortable and faster than buses, but the prices are much higher also (35-60 Euro to the capitol).

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Have a pleasant flight to Lefkada, Greece!