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Travel to Lefkada by plane, flights to Lefkas

Travel to Lefkada island by plane

The landscape of Lefkada island is characterized by high mountains, steep cliffs and gently sloping valleys. These extreme geographical conditions do not support the construcions of an airport, so the island does not have it. But there are some good news: if you are interested in traveling to Lefkada by plane, you can do it easily!

The closest airport to Lefkada is located only 20 kilometres away, directly next to the town of Preveza. Some people call it Lefkada airport, but this title is literally uncorrect. Preveza, this small Greek town was built in the mainland, and has an international airport since decades, which is called Aktion International Airport (PVK). It is located not on the island, but makes Lefkada accessible to visitors who arrive by plane.

During summer months several charters and domestic flights are arriving to Preveza airport. The airport is connected by local buses (KTEL) with the capitol, Lefkada town. If you choose public transport, you can travel to Lefkada easily (the trip takes about 30′) from the airport. The bus schedule between Preveza airport and Lefkada town can be find here: ktel-lefkadas.gr

Taxi service is also avalaible in front of the terminal building, which operates 0-24. These cars are more comfortable and faster than buses, but the prices are higher also (35-50 Euro).

The third way to visit Lefkada from the airport is a car hire. Just rent a car and drive to Lefkada, discover the best beaches, sights and villages! You can book a car easily via internet, and you can pick it up (and drop off) in the parking site next to the airport.

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