Lefkada ferry information, routes and guides for 2022

Lefkada has two port for ferry departures and arrivals, both of these are located on the east side of the island. Despite the largest port of the island can be find in Lefkada town, the main port for ferries in 2022 is located in Nidri village.

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Ferries of Lefkada in 2022, ports and destinations

Nidri port – the primary port for ferries in Lefkada

The port in Nidri has very easy access for cars, because it is situated directly next to the famous promenade, on the south coast of the village. From the north (from Lefkada town) you have to drive on the bypass road of Nidri, and at its end just turn towards the center of Nidri. It’s quite simple, because road signs of ‘Port’ indicate the way!

If you would like to visit other Ionian Islands, and you need a ferry in 2022 to travel to Meganisi or Kefalonia, you must drive to Nidri to catch a ferryboat. Nidri ferry port coordinates: 38.705825, 20.709819

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Vasiliki ferry port

The other important ferry station in Lefkada is located in Vasiliki village, but it was under construction in the recent years because of an earthquake. A few years ago Vasiliki was the place where ferries departed to Kefalonia island from Lefkada, but while renovations take place, the ferries to Kefalonia (Cephalonia) depart from the port of Nidri. Near the ferry station of Vasiliki you can find mini market, restaurants and caffee bars, because the ferry port is just short walk from the seaside promenade.

Vasiliki ferry port coordinates: 38.624244, 20.606782

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Where to buy ferry tickets in Lefkada?

There are some small kiosks in Nidri village, which are located directly next to ferryport – these belong to the ferry companies. In these kiosks passengers can buy a ticket for themselves and for the vehicles also, but be aware, it is definitely worth to book your trip for a car or motorbike in advance! During summer season the ferries from Lefkada, especially which runs to Kefalonia are filled with pre-bookings!

If you don’t have a vehicle, book in advance is not neccessary. The kiosks open approx. one hour before departure. Warning: due COVID-19 pandemic the Greek ferry companies usually have some regulations, so always follow the actual conditions of companies. Fortunately in 2022 no negative PCR or other Covid-19 test is required, so the travelling by ferries got a lot easier in Greece!

Ferry port in Nidri

Schedules for ferries in Lefkada island for 2022, departure / arrival information

Departures from Nidri village

Ferry route from Nidri, Lefkada to Meganisi (Vathi & Spilia) in 2022

The ferryboat is called Meganisi II, which takes cars and backpackers on its deck. During high season (July – August) advance booking is recommended, especially for cars. The time of the trip takes just about 25 minutes. A two destinations for ferries to Meganisi are called Vathi (the capital of the island) and Spilia.

Schedules, periods, ferry booking form for Nidri – Meganisi route, with other informations: ferryboatmeganisi.gr

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Ferry route from Nidri, Lefkada to Fiskardo, Kefalonia

If you want travel to Kefalonia island by car, motorbicycle or van, find the ferryboat called ‘Captain Aristidis’. This ferry line is operated by the Westferry company. The trip from Nidri to Fiskardo village takes about 1 hour 45 minutes. The ferry doesn’t run during winter months!

Actual schedules, periods, ferry booking form for Nidri – Vasiliki route, with general terms, prices and updates: westferry.gr

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If you plan your road trip by a ferryboat from Lefkada, you should know that there are always different timetables for spring / summer / autumn / winter periods.

As you can see, Lefkada is well connected with ferryboats to other Ionian Islands, such as Kefalonia or Meganisi. We always suggest that booking in advance is strongly recommended, especially during high season months.

Have a pleasant time by traveling with the ferries of Lefkada in 2022!

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