Lefkada hotels 2024

Lefkada hotels

The hotels of Lefkada offer the wide range of services and comfort: travellers you can find the best hotels almost in every village of the island. Most of Lefkada hotels are situated in the capital, but there were also built in Nikiana, Nidri, Agios Nikitas, Vasiliki.

The local hotels are rated from the basic 2 stars to the high concept 4 stars and 5 stars, where the highest satisfaction of guests are the most important. Due to geographical and tourism reasons most Lefkada hotels are located on the east coast, especially on the northeast coast of the island, and just a few can be find elsewhere.

A lot of hotels in Lefkada offer for guests breakfast, lunch, dinner or all inclusive / full board, which depend on the accommodation. A lot of hotels in Lefkada are equipped with swimming pool also, so you don’t have to visit the beaches for some sunbathe or a swim. You will find among the recommended hotels cheaper but clean accommodations, spacious rooms with high comfort, and of course several luxurious rooms which meet the highest quality standards.

Best Lefkada hotels