Download high resolution road maps and Lefkada beach map for your holiday!

Just click the images of these maps below and you can easily download the files.

These Lefkada maps are high resolution images in *.jpg format, so you can view on smartphones, tablet or pc, and can be easily print if you want.

Lefkada beach map & road map, nr. 1

Lefkada road map download

Lefkada map for beaches and roads, nr. 2

Lefkada map

Discovering Lefkada island with maps

Enjoy these useful and strongly recommended maps on your trip, and let’s go to discover the highly awarded beauties and hidden gems of Lefkada! If you rent a car, car rental companies usually give a printed map for their clients.

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Browse the articles of to learn more about the island, read Lefkada Travel Guide for the best beaches, sights and activities. Have a great time on your holiday!

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