Lefkada sights

What to see in Lefkada, Greece: discover the best natural and historical sights of the island.

The attractions of Lefkada island are very diverse, because on this island the breathtaking natural sights and interesting pieces of history can be find both. This Greek island is best known for its top beaches, but Lefkada sights are also recommended for a visit.

On a sightseeing tour you can visit the beautiful churches and monasteries of the island, which date back to Venetian eras. The best local museums introduce you the local folklore, the old traditions and the history of Lefkada. By walking in the picturesque villages you can meet charming street views, and monuments and statues of famous people.

It's worth to drive in the mountains for the incredible panoramic views and explore the hidden settlements, where the time has stood still. Hiking trails lead to waterfalls and to ancient forests, and don't forget about the iconic lighthouse of Cape Doukato!

The Ionian Islands nearby also belong to the best Lefkada sights, which can be reached by boat excursions. Visit Lefkada best sights during your holiday, and be impressed: all the useful informations can be find in this travel guide.

Best Lefkada sights

The best 29 attractions in Lefkada

Lefkada Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum of Lefkada

The Archeological Museum of Lefkada introduce for visitors the past of the island, especially the ancient eras. The exhibits of the small museum are dedicated to the archeological findings of Ancient Lefkas, and the to works of Wilhelm Dörpfeld.

Cape Doukato Lefkada Lighthouse

Cape Doukato

Cape Doukato is a breathtaking sight in Lefkada island, a really exceptional place, where a picturesque lighthouse of Greece and steep cliffs are the main attractions. The area of Cape Lefkatas has ancient history, which was mentioned by the local legends!

Agia Mavra Castle Lefkada

Agia Mavra

Agia Mavra Castle is the largest and most important fort in Lefkada, which was under Venetian and Turkish rule. The castle is one the main attractions of Lefkada island due its historical significance.

Nidri Waterfalls Lefkada (Dimosari Waterfalls)

Nidri Waterfalls

Let’s hike to Nidri Waterfalls in Lefkada! The waterfalls of Nidri are beautiful natural attractions of the island, which can be reached on a scenic hiking trail, surrounded by old plane trees and cliffs.

Faneromeni Monastery

Faneromeni Monastery

Faneromeni Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Lefkada island, where a beautiful church and its garden, a mini zoo and two interesting museums can be visited. The monastery is very important for the local religion, and dates back to ancient times.

Kefalonia island, Greece


Kefalonia or Cephalonia is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, which has picturesque beaches and a lot of natural and historical sights. Boat trips and ferries from Lefkada sail to this gem, and this island is definitely worth to discover!

Meganisi island Greece


Near the east coasts of Lefkada Meganisi island is a small, but scenic place in Greece, home of green forests and turquoise beaches. During summer months ferries and boat trips arrive to discover the tiny ports, traditional villages and emerald beaches of Meganisi.

Madouri island

Madouri island

Madouri is a small private island near Nidri, which can be seen from the port of the village well.

Profitis Ilias chapel, Lefkada

Profitis Ilias

The Church of Profitis Ilias is the best lookout to the east coast of Lefkada, where a small church was built on a top of a high mountain.


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