Lefkada best sights

Lefkada island is much more than the amazing beaches, because there are several great sights, natural and historical attractions also.

You can visit folklore, historical and other great musems, which introduce through interesting exhibitions the past and present of the island.

Lefkada is filled with beautiful churches and chapels, some of these are dated back to Venetian times, or much more older eras! The famous Monasteries of Lefkada preserve hundreds of sacred icons, wood carvings, paintings since the medieval ages.

To the historical sights of Lefkada belong famous archeological sites such as tombs of kings, medieval castles, ancient fortifications.

Famous natural attractions can be visited by hiking, such as waterfalls, breathtaking panoramic views of a lighthouse, or an old oak forest on the top of the hills.

Now read more about the best sights in Lefkada, Greece!

Lefkda best sights and attractions
Lefkada island has a lot of natural and historical attractions
Profitis Ilias chapel, Lefkada

Profitis Ilias

A tiny church with great panoramic views to the east coastline of Lefkada island. Profitis Ilias (which is known as Ekklisia Profiti Ilia or Agios Ilias in Greek, and Church of Prophet Elias) is located in the heart of the mountains of Lefkada, the nearest villages are Egklouvi and Karya. The access of the Monastery can be quite difficult for …

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Faneromeni Monastery

Faneromeni Monastery

The sacred monastery of Lefkada with its beautiful gardens was built on a hill above Agios Ioannis. Faneromeni Monastery (Moni Faneromeni) is the most famous monastery in Lefkada island, which preserve a lot of invaluable icons, precious paintings, wood carvings, handwritten manuscripst, old Bibles and other religious relics. History of Faneromeni Legends said that in ancient times the inhabitants of Lefkada …

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Dimosari waterfalls, Lefkada

Dimosari waterfalls

A picturesque hiking route leads to Dimosari waterfalls, which are the most beatiful waterfalls in Lefkada. Lefkada island is famous for its natural beauty, steep white cliffs and mountains with lush vegetation. In the heart of the island there are also pretty waterfalls, which are fed by cool spring waters of the mountains. Where to find Dimosari waterfalls in Lefkada? …

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Cape Doukato, Lefkada sights

Cape Doukato

Cape Doukato is one of the most romantic places in Lefkada island with steep cliffs and a picturesque lighthouse, where amazing panoramic views are guaranteed. Cape Doukato, or known as Cape Lefkatas became one of the most photographed parts of Lefkada, due to its wild scenery and breathtaking views. If you are curious, which is the most southern side of …

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Agia Mavra castle, Lefkada island

Agia Mavra

The old castle of Agia Mavra (or known as Santa Maura) is located directly at the entrance of Lefkada island. You will find this important historical sight of Lefkada next to the interesting pontoon bridge, on its eastern side. Castle of Agia Mavra is the largest medieval castle in the area, which remained in a fairly good condition. If you …

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