One of the cheapest way to discover Lefkada island is travel around by the local bus public transport. Some of villages are well connected to each other with the local buses of Lefkada, the most important settlements has a bus stop. The official bus company of Lefkada is called KTEL, which operates with more than 30 modern, well equipped buses with A/C.

Local buses in Lefkada are running primarily on the eastern side of the island, where most of the villages are located. The roads are suitable for buses on this side, wider and less winding than on the west coast.

From Preveza Airport (Preveza-Aktio International Airport) to Lefkada island there are also local buses, which runs between the airport and Lefkada town in a few times per a day. Link for actual bus schedules between Lefkada and Preveza Airport are on the bottom of this page.

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Lefkada public pus transport has different schedules, which alternate in a year. There is a schedule for the summer months (usually from the end of May till October), and there is also a less frequent for out of season months. During summer months local buses run more frequently, and are better adapted to the needs of inhabintants and tourists both. The routes are the most frequent from Monday to Friday, on weekends the local buses runs slightly less.

KTEL Lefkada central bus station

The central bus station of the island is located in Lefkada town, in the south side of the city. It can be reached easily, because near Lefkada’s central bus station can be find the port of the capital and the one of the largest parking lots.

The bus stops in the villages of Lefkada are signed with road signs.

The villages of the island, which can reach in Lefkada by bus: Lefkada town, Nidri (Nydri), Lygia, Nikiana, Vasiliki, Agios Nikitas, Kathisma beach, Kastro, Gyra beach, Vlicho, Karya, Kalamitsi, Egklouvi, Poros, Syvota, Evgiros, Syvros, Fterno, Vournika

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Check the actual schedules and updates on the local KTEL bus website: KTEL Lefkada actual bus schedule (opens in new window)

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