Local buses in Lefkada

Travel to Lefkada by bus

Local bus schedule in Lefkada island

One of the easiest and cheapest way to discover Lefkada island is traveling by the local buses. The villages of the island are connected to each other with local buses, almost every settlement has a bus stop. The bus company of Lefkada is called KTEL, and has more than 30 modern, well equipped buses with A/C.

The buses are running primarily on the eastern side of Lefkada, where most of the villages are located. The roads are better for the buses on this side: wider, and less tortuous.

Usually there are two schedules: one for the summer months (from end of May till October), and one for the winter months. During summer months buses run more frequently, adapted to the tourists. From Monday to Friday the schedule is more frequent, at the weekends the buses operate less.

Check for updates the local KTEL bus schedule here: KTEL Lefkada local bus schedule



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