Lygia village, Lefkada

In Lefkada Ligia is an important tourist resort in the north side of the island, which is located just a few kilometers from Lefkada town. On maps you can find this villages Lygia or Λυγιά in Greek language, situated between Nidri and the capital of the island.

Lygia Lefkada

Location and access

To access Ligia in Lefkada island just drive on the east main road: the village has fast and easy connection with Lefkada town in the north (6km), and Nidri in the south (11 km). A lot of travellers drive through Ligia, because it is situated between these important villages, where the traffic is significant. There is also a bus stop for a local buses, which arrive from the main bus station of Lefkada town.

Main street of Lefkada Ligia (Lygia)

What to find in Ligia, Lefkada

The houses of Ligia were built next to the sea and on the surrounding hills both, these parts of the village is separated from each other by the main road. On both sides of the road there were built long lines of apartments and studios.

Lygia holiday

The village is a well prepared for tourists during summer, so you don’t have to drive to Lefkada town to buy something if you don’t want to. Most of the services and shops can be find directly next to main road, where you can find several restaurants, coffee bars, supermarkets, bakeries and fuel station.

What to see in Ligia

One of the best sights of Ligia is a small port with dozens of colourful fishing boats. The port can’t be missed, because it is situated next to the road, and has a few parking lots. This marina is well protected from the weather by a breakwater, so big waves or strong winds are not significant. In the port there are a few restaurants: Giannis Tavern, Taverna Makis and Xouras are the best known. In the port you can rent a boat if you want, to discover the east coastline of Lefkada.

Ligia port, Lefkada

The best sights in the area of Ligia can be find in Lefkada town nearby, where a lot of hidden gems can be visited by walking on the picturesque streets. By renting a car or a scooter, or using your own car the capital is just a few minutes drive from here. In the neighboring village, Kariotes you can see some ruins of the Ancient Lefkas.

Photos of Lygia, Lefkada

Ligia beach

There are some places, where you can swim or snorkel: the beaches of Ligia are small sections on the east coast, where the sea is usually calm. The seabed is filled primarily with pebbles and stones, so you may have to wear swimming shoes. You can find at some places a few sunbeds and parasols for rent, but the most local beaches in Ligia are unorganized. Just walk down through the narrow alleys to the sea, and swim in the green coloures waters!

Ligia beach in Lefkada east coast

The primary Ligia beach is on the southern side of the port, but there are some sections in the north also. If you would like try some water fun, find Panos Water Sports & Fun Park between Ligia and Nikiana villages. Other recommended beaches are situated near the beautiful Lefkada town, where interesting places are waiting for you : Agios Ioannis beach and Gira beach are beloved by many travellers and locals. The nearest famous beaches of the west coast are Pefkoulia beach and Kathisma beach, which can be reached in 25-30 minutes by car.

Ligia village Lefkada by aerial drone photo

Where to stay in Ligia

Due to its location Ligia village is a good starting point to discover the east and west coasts of Lefkada. The local apartments are usually offer medium and lower price ranges for a holiday, you can find here basic studios and well equipped apartments both.

Apartments and studios in Ligia

For other accommodation options all over in Lefkada island just click here!

Ligia info box

Known as: Lygia, Λυγιά

  • 6 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 100 (increases much during summer months)
  • Facilities: taverns, bars, apartments / studios, supermarkets, souvenir shops, bakery, car rental agency, port, boat rent, pharmacy, gas station, water fun park
  • Nearest beaches: Lygia beach (0km), Nikiana beach (3 km)

+ Reasons to visit Lygia (Ligia) in Lefkada island

  • very easy to reach
  • small distance to Lefkada town

– Cons

  • not as picturesque as other coastal villages in Lefkada
  • the beaches of Lygia look poor compared to other places


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