Megali Petra beach

Combined with calm atmospheres and pure beauty of the nature, Megali Petra beach is definitely a gem of Lefkada!

The name of Megali Petra beach means ‘big rock’, because of its interesting rocky character. The beach can be accessed by walking across Kavalikefta beach, a narrow foothpath leads to Megali Petra from the southern side of the beach.

The beach is well known by beach enthusiasts, but the atmospheres are quite calm and peaceful. There are not as many visitors here as on other famous beaches of Lefkada, because the beaches next to Kalamitsi are a little bit harder to reach due to the narrow roads.

The main strength of Megali Petra is the fact that visitors can’t find here loud music bars or crowded tavernas. Only the music of waves, and exceptional natural beauty! Sometimes there are some parasols and sunbeds for rent, but usually only a few in separated areas. The beach deepens quick here, so it is recommended for experienced, especially when big waves are coming. Just like at the neighbooring Kavalikefta beach, during these periods be aware the rocks in the sea which can hit you.


Megali Petra beach is listed among the best beaches of Lefkada by thousands of visitors. We recommend this beach also for everyone who like secluded and beautiful beaches. Megali Petra will be definitely worth for a visit!

Megali Petra beach guide

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.751690, 20.588242
21 km southwest from Lefkada town, next to Kalamitsi village
Sea colourSea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand typeSand type: coarse sand, small pebbles, pebbles, rocks
Beaches depth iconDepth: normal
Waves Sea surface: moderate
CrowdsCrowds: usually not crowded
Facilities on the beachFacilities: sometimes a few parasols and sunbeds for rent
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by walking across Kavalikefta beach

+ Pros

  • amazing water colours and scenery;
  • easy to find secluded places;
  • calm atmospheres;

– Cons

  • a little difficult to reach;



Megali Petra location / on map


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