Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra beach

Visit the place in Lefkada, where calm atmospheres and a pure beauty of the nature meet: Megali Petra beach! According to many, this place belong to the local hidden gems, listed as one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. An interesting information about Megali Petra beach that its Greek name, Παραλία Μεγάλη Πέτρα means ‘Big Rock’ in English, due to the huge rocks of the coast.

Megali Petra beach is located on the west coast of Lefkada, offering a wide and long place for beach enthusiasts.

  • Location: near Kalamitsi village
  • Coordinates: 38.751690, 20.588242
Lefkada Megali Petra beach

Where to find Megali Petra beach in Lefkada

To visit Megali Petra beach you have to drive to Kalamitsi, which is one of the mountain villages in Lefkada, located 20 kilometers away from Lefkada town and 6 kilometers away from Agios Nikitas. The road which leads to Megali Petra beach (and also to Kavalikefta beach, Avali beach and Gaidaros beach) starts at the southern part of Kalamitsi, and usually it is signed simply as ‘Paralia’ marker on road signs.

Megali Petra beach

The route between the beach and Kalamitsi is about 4,5 kilometers long, and very narrow and winding, with a lot of hairpin bends. While you drive from the mountains to the Ionian Sea, you will meet olive forests and lush vegetation, this is one of the greenest part of Lefkada island. The road ends in paid parking lots, from where you can walk down to Megali Petra beach, or to the neighboring Kavalikefta beach. It’s worth to use here one of the paid parkings, because the end of the road is narrow and filled with bends, where is usually difficult to drive and park both.

Megali Petra beach can be accessed by walking through Kavalikefta beach, where a narrow foothpath leads to the south behind the beach. The other access is on foot via a short hiking trail (approx. 100 meters) which starts from one of the last road bends.

Daily boat trips are not available to Megali Petra beach from Nidri or Vasiliki villages, so travellers have to visit this beach by car, by scooter or by quad.

Megali Petra beach Lefkada

Megali Petra beach guide with photos

Megali Petra beach is well known by beach enthusiasts in Lefkada, but the atmospheres of this place are quite calm and peaceful in most of the time. Usually this area has less visitors than the most popular beaches of Lefkada, such as Kathisma beach or Porto Katsiki beach, because the beaches near Kalamitsi have a little bit harder access due to the narrow roads and hairpin bends.

The main feature of Megali Petra beach is the fact that it’s free from loud music bars or crowded restaurants. Only the music of waves, the exceptional natural beauty with the endless Ionian Sea help to relax, and it’s quite perfect. Sometimes a small area is covered by a few parasols and sunbeds which can be rented, but it’s not disturbing, and you can use your own stuff anywhere you want. If we measure from the southern side of Kavalikefta beach, Megali Petra beach lasts about 700 meters long, so there is no lack of space.

Lefkada Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra beach deepens quite quick at most places, so it is recommended for experienced, especially when big waves arrive from the west. Just like at the neighbooring Kavalikefta, during these periods be aware the rocks in the sea! The big waves make incredible blue colours to the Lefkada island’s west beaches, but can be dangerous as well.

Megali Petra beach, Lefkada island

If you would like to drink some cold refreshment or eat something, just walk to Kavalikefta beach bar, which is about 200 meters away from this place.

Rocks of Megali Petra beach

The southern parts of Megali Petra beach are the less crowded parts, and are usually visited by naturists.

It’s no coincidence that Megali Petra is one of the best beaches of Lefkada, which attracts thousands of visitors years after years. A lot of travellers recommend this beach for everyone who like secluded and beautiful beaches, but keep in mind, you have to be lucky for parking on some days.

Where to stay

If you would like to stay in this area during your vacation, the nearest accommodations of the area are situated in Kalamitsi village, about 4 kilometers away from this beach. Kalamitsi is a small, traditional mountain village, which offer some great apartments and villas for a holiday.

For the apartments and hotels of Lefkada just click the picture below.

Apartments in Lefkada where to stay

Megali Petra beach info

Known as: Megali Petra beach, Paralia Megali Petra, Παραλία Μεγάλη Πέτρα

  • Coordinates:  38.751690, 20.588242
  • 21 km southwest from Lefkada town, near Kalamitsi village
  • Sea water color: blue, turquoise
  • Sand type: coarse sand, small pebbles, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: sometimes a few parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by walking across Kavalikefta beach

+ Pros

  • amazing water colours and natural scenery
  • easy to find secluded places
  • calm atmospheres

– Cons

  • you have to walk for access
  • parking difficulties during high season
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