Location / where to find: Lefkada west, Agios Nikitas

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Milos beach, Paralia Mylos

The area of Agios Nikitas is filled amazing beaches with breathtaking natural scenery and turquoise waters. Mylos beach is (or known as Milos beach) is a beautiful member of the best beaches in Lefkada, which everyone should see on a holiday.

Mylos beach is located about two kilometers from Agios Nikitas, on the west coast of Lefkada, and it has some unique features that the other beaches of the island do not have.

Where to find Mylos beach and how to access

Mylos is a very special one among Lefkada beaches, because it can be reached only by hiking or by a taxi boat. Both choices have some advantages, and offer totally different experiences for visitors.

Walk to Mylos

The footpath to Mylos starts at one of the taverns in the center of Agios Nikitas, and hikers must climb across a small hill. Of you choose the walk to Mylos beach, just find the pedestrian road of the village, where blue signs indicate the right way. By walking this path hikers will have some panoramic views to the village and to the beach from above. The hiking takes about a half an hour, but this route and its few hundred meters distance can be exhausting on hot days.

Mylos beach by taxi boat

Taxi boats to Mylos beach depart approx every hour (or every half hour during high season) from Agios Nikitas beach. The boat trip takes just a few minutes and you have to pay on the boat 3-4 Euros per person. During the short boat trip passengers can see Agios Nikitas village and Mylos from the sea, this angles also offer exceptional views to the famous west coast of Lefkada. Taxi boats don’t operate when the waves are too large on the beach.

Why is Mylos beach one of the best beaches in Lefkada?

Mylos beach has wonderful views from the top of the hills and from the sea both, and you will see clearly why is it proudly introduced as one of the best beaches in Lefkada island. The turquoise colours of the Ionian Sea are incredible, visitors say that Mylos beach has definitely exotic atmospheres.

In the background of the beach there is a huge sand dune, which gives interesting look this beach. The seabed is filled with coarse sand, some pebbles and deepens quickly, which make Mylos beach excellent from swimming.

Due to its western location there are sometimes when you may meet big waves, and you have to pay attention.

In recent years the north side of Mylos is usually organized with some parasols, sunbeds and a small beach cantina. On the top of the surrounding hills you can see some old, ruined windmills, from which the beach got its name. Mylos = Mill, in a Greek language!

The southern side of Mylos was also a good place for nudists for many years. Nowadays the beach become so popular, that during high season it is no longer always appropriate.

When you visit Lefkada island and you are looking for the best beaches, take a look to the fantastic Mylos beach. Go by taxi boat or on foot, you will be enchanted by the beauty in the same way!

Where to stay close to Mylos beach?

Accommodation info with apartments and studios in Agios Nikitas, next to Mylos

Mylos beach is situated directly next to Agios Nikitas village, where you can find a lot of apartments and villas. This is one of the most developed area on the west coast of Lefkada with taverns, bars, supermarkets, but there can be find also ATM-s, car rental companies and other services. This side of Lefkada island is filled with amazing beaches, such as Pefkoulia, Kathisma or Mylos.

Recommended apartments, studios

Agnantio (studios / apartments, up to 2 – 4 guests)

Althea studios (studios up to 3 guests)

Odyssey Hotel (up to 2 – 4 guests, 2 minutes from the beach)

Konstantina studios (up to 2 guests, 50 meters from the beach)

OIive Tree hotel ** (up to 5 guests)

Deep Blue Apartments (up to 4 guests)

Hotel Agios Nikitas (up to 2 – 4 guests, beach 150 meters)

Green View apartments (studios / apartments, up to 2 – 4 guests)

Evridiki’s Studios (up to 4 person)

Villas and suites for a holiday

Mylos Paradise Luxury villas (exlusive villas behind Mylos beach, up to 5 guests, sea view)

Agios Nikitas Resort villas (exclusive villas, up to 2 – 4 guests, sea view)

Beyond Villas (private pool, up to 6 person)

Kampaki Stone Houses (exlusive and superior villas, up to 5 guests)

Euphoria Villas (villa, up to 5 guests)

Katerina’s village (villas with private pool, up to 6 guests)

Drimonari Villas (superior villas, up to 8 guests)

Villa Niiris (deluxe villas, up to 10 guests)

Ionian villas (up to 4 guests, surrounded by olive forest, sea view)

Villas Vento (villa, up to 10 guests)

Valia (villa, up to 4 guests)

Guide to Mylos beach

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.787373, 20.608136
10 km south from Lefkada town, directly next to Agios Nikitas
Sea colourSea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand typeSand type: small pebbles, coarse sand
Beaches depth iconDepth: normal, somewhere deepens quick
Waves Sea surface: moderate
CrowdsCrowds: average
Facilities on the beachFacilities: during high season parasols and sunbeds can be rented, beach bar
InformationOther Information: some old windmills in the area
AccessibilityAccessibility: on foot, or by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas

+ Pros

  • beautiful natural enviroment
  • usually not overcrowded
  • calm atmospheres
  • huge sand dunes in the background
  • can be accessed on foot and by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas either

– Cons

  • on foot you must climb a hill to reach the beach;
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