Mylos beach

Mylos beach, Lefkada Greece

On the west coast of Lefkada Mylos beach is a beautiful member of the best beaches, which everyone should see on a holiday. This incredible place can be find near Agios Nikitas, where the area is filled by amazing beaches with breathtaking natural scenery and turquoise waters.

It can be an important information for travellers, that for visiting Mylos beach in Lefkada travellers have two options: it can be accessed by boat or hiking on a trail both.

Lefkada Mylos beach

Where to find Mylos beach in Lefkada

As a lot of great beaches in Lefkada, Mylos beach is located on the west coast of the island, just a few hundred meters away from Agios Nikitas, and 14 kilometers away from Lefkada town. It is very special among the best beaches of Lefkada, because due to its unique natural conditions it can be reached only by hiking or by a taxi boat. So if you would like to enjoy Mylos beach in Lefkada, you have to drive to Agios Nikitas, or travel by a local bus transport which depart from the bus station of the capital.

A hiking trail from Agios Nikitas to Mylos beach

The path to Mylos beach starts from the pedestrian street of Agios Nikitas. Just find the central pedestrian street in the village, walk through it and follow this coordinate: 38.788710, 20.612672, or watch the road sign which indicate the hiking trail. The footpath is not too long with its length approx. 700 meters, but it’s worth to know that the trail is narrow, filled with stones and roots.

A walk to Mylos beach by hiking from Agios Nikitas

By walking the hiking trail to Mylos beach there can bee seen panoramic views to the village and to the beach from above. The hike takes about a half an hour (depends on your physical condition), and it is recommended to prefer the morning hours for hiking. The reason is simple, because on hot afternoons the hiking up and down on the hill can be really exhausting, especially if you carry heavier beach equipment.

Mylos beach by boat

Taxi boats to Mylos beach offer comfortable and faster solution for access, but you have to pay some Euros for the boat trip. Find Agios Nikitas beach, from where boat depart to the beach in every hour (or every half hour during high season). It’s easy to recognize where passengers get into the small taxi boats, just watch the buoys.

Mylos taxi boat in Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

The boat trip to Mylos beach takes just a few minutes, and passenger have to pay on the boat 3-4 Euros per person, after they get in. During the short boat trip you can see the houses of Agios Nikitas village from the sea, offering unique views to the famous west coast of Lefkada.

There is an important info for all of the travellers, who would like to visit Mylos beach by boat: the small taxi boats don’t operate, when the waves get too big on the beach. This is for the safety of passengers, and a hiking trail is the only option in this case.

Travel guide with photos

According to a lot of travellers, Mylos beach is one of the best places near Agios Nikitas and all over in Lefkada island. Panoramic views are fantastic from a top of the hill and from the sea both, and visitors see clearly why is it proudly introduced usually as one of the best beaches in Lefkada island.

Mylos beach Agios Nikitas

When the sun shines and there are no clouds, the turquoise colours of the Ionian Sea are incredible here, and some travellers say that Mylos beach has definitely exotic atmospheres. In the background of the beach nature formed a huge sand dune, which gives interesting look to this beach. You can climb up this sand dune (which is the largest sand dune in Lefkada island) and you can admire the beach from there.

Sand dune in Mylos beach

The coast of Mylos beach is filled by coarse sand, some pebbles and deepens quickly, which make Mylos beach excellent from swimming. When the sea is calm and there are no waves, the water is crystal clear, and can be suitable for children. Snorkeling can be an option also, but the seabed is quite barren due to the pebbles, and the best places for snorkel are on both sides.

Mylos, Lefkada travel guide

As a west beach of Lefkada island, Mylos beach is vulnerable to waves. The waves make incredible ‘Lefkada blue’ sea colours and interesting attraction, which are beloved by thousands of Lefkada fans. Don’t forget, big waves are spectacular and bring a lot of fun to summer holiday, but always pay attention due for their strength.

Mylos beach waves in Lefkada

The north area of Mylos beach is slightly organized, travellers can find some parasols and sunbeds, which can be rented. If you are looking for a beach bar, just take a look up to sand dune, where a small cantina offer cold drinks and some snacks for guests.

If you watch the top of the surrounding hills, you can see some ruined windmills from the old times. These windmills were important in agriculture of Lefkada, and this beach got its name after these buildings. Mylos beach, Paralia Mylos, or Παραλία Μύλος in Greek language means ‘beach of the mills’!

It’s an interesting fact, that the southern side of Mylos beach was a beloved place for nudists through many years. Now it has changed, because in recent years the beach became so popular, that during high season months it’s no longer appropriate.

Mylos beach in Lefkada

When you visit Lefkada island and you are looking for the best beaches, don’ forget about the fantastic Mylos beach. Travel by taxi boat or walk on a hiking trail, we are sure that you will be enchanted by its exceptional beauty!

Mylos beach info

Where to stay

Mylos beach is situated directly next to Agios Nikitas village, where you can find a bunch of apartments and villas. This is a well developed area on the west coast of Lefkada island, offering restaurants, coffee bars, supermarkets, ATM, car rental companies and other services. This area of Lefkada island is filled with amazing beaches, such as Pefkoulia beach, Kathisma beach or Mylos.

Lefkada Agios Nikitas apartments villas and where to stay info

Mylos beach info guide

Known as: Mylos beach, Milos beach, Paralia Milos, Παραλία Μύλος

  • Coordinates:  38.787373, 20.608136
  • 10 km south from Lefkada town, in the area of Agios Nikitas village
  • Sea water color: blue, turquoise
  • Sand type: small pebbles, coarse sand
  • Depth: normal, somewhere deepens quick
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: average
  • Facilities: during high season parasols and sunbeds, beach bar
  • Other Information: old windmills in the area
  • Accessibility: on foot or by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas

+ Pros

  • beautiful natural enviroment
  • usually not overcrowded
  • calm atmospheres
  • huge sand dunes in the background
  • can be accessed on foot and by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas

– Cons

  • on foot you must climb a hill to reach the beach
  • taxi boats don’t operate when the sea has significant waves
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