Nidri village, Lefkada


Nidri is the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada island.

The bustling atmosphere of Nidri get a lot of fans every year. The village is located in the eastern side of Lefkada, surrounded by beautiful natural enviroment. Nidri has a seaside location, several small islands can be discovered around the village. The settlement is faced to Geni peninsula, which is characterized by hills and pine forests. Behind the village high mountains rising, where you will get amazing views to the region and the islands of Ionian Sea.

Nidri has very easy access, just drive from Lefkada town to southeast and you will meet the village after 16 kilometres. This village has probably the most bustling summer life in Lefkada, dozens of taverns, bars, souvenir shops, supermarkets, car rental agencies, and other tourism based places can be find here. The main street of Nidri is filled with these tourist based services, just take a walk to explore them.

The promenade of Nidri is also an epicentre of tourism, many taverns and bars are located here. Try some and taste the delicious flavours of the island’s cuisine, beside the best local wines. The nightlife of the village concentrates to the promenade, during summer evenings this is known as the most crowded part in Nidri.

The port of Nidri is a starting point to several boat excursions. These boats are visiting the neighboring Ionian Islands, the famous western beaches of Lefkada, or just take a BBQ round trip. If you walk in the harbour, you can find the daily routes of the ships. In the evenings, when all the boats docked at port, you can buy the tickets to the excursions. The port is used by ferries as well, so you can transport your car or bike to Meganisi or Kefalonia island from here.

The beach of Nidri lies on the northern side of the village. This is a well organized beach with bars, parasols and sunbeds and a water sports center.

Because this is one of the most popular areas in Lefkada island, hundreds of apartments and studios can be rented. These are located mostly next to main road, but a few was built on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. During summer season (especially in July and August) these accomodations are almost fully booked, so if you want to stay here, book your accomodation in time!

Check the best apartments and studios of Nidri here!


Check the best apartments and studios of Nidri here!


Guide to Nidri

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.706790, 20.709751
16 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 1100 (increases much during summer months)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: taverns, bars, apartments, studios, supermarkets, shops, bakery, rent-a-car agencies, ATM, port
InformationNearest beaches: Nidri beach (0 km), Perigali beach (1 km), Dessimi beach (7 km)

+ Reasons to visit Nidri village in Lefkada island

  • bustling summer life
  • many taverns, bars, shops
  • boat excursions from its port
  • night life
  • pretty scenery

– Cons

  • may be too busy for someones during the summer months



Nidri on map


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