Nikiana beach

Nikiana beach, Lefkada

The beach of Nikiana is a small place near the port, but it is perfect for a refreshment in the summer heat. The calm waters of Nikiana beach make it ideal to swim, this area is usually waveless in Lefkada. Nikiana is a quite popular tourist resort on the east coast of Lefkada, and this place is its main beach. Now let’s see, what are the most important informations!

  • Coordinates: 38.761866, 20.718731
  • Location: Nikiana 311 00, Greece
  • Apartments and studios near: accommodation in Nikiana
Lefkada Nikiana beach

Where is Nikiana beach in Lefkada?

If you are looking for Nikiana beach on Lefkada maps, take a look to the north side of the village, directly next to the main road. The port of Nikiana is just about two minute walk from here. You can meet also the other name of this beach: it is called as Limni, or Παραλία Λιμνί in Greek language.

Behind the beach there are a few parking places, where you can park your vehicle easily. Nikiana beach is small and narrow, and it’s worth to known that is is usually not organized: if you arrive in the morning hours, you can find some natural shade under the trees.

Nikiana beach, Lefkada

The sea is always shallow and calm, like most of the east coast beaches in Lefkada. The emerald coloured water feels warm from the middle of June to September, but it depends from actual weather conditions.

Nikiana beach can be especially recommended for families and small children, because of its shallow waters. During high season days the main beach, Limni can be crowded due its fast and easy access, but you can find some other smaller beaches in the area of Nikiana, with much less visitors, such as Episkopos beach (Παραλία Επισκόπου Νικιάνας).

Next to the main beach there is a small port of Nikiana, with bars, taverns and markets. The scenery of the area is lovely, this part of Lefkada is characterized by hills and lush vegetation. Nikiana village has a lot of apartments and studios, many of them can be rented for a holiday. 

Where to stay

Nikiana is a nice place for a stay in Lefkada, because it is located between the beautiful capital, Lefkada town and Nydri, in the shade of the mountains. A lot of apartments and studios can be rented for the holiday here, and the famous west coast is just 20-25 minutes driving from here.

You can find the accommodations of Nikiana village here, with photos and travellers reviews of course.

Nikiana apartments, hotels

Nikiana beach info box

  • 9 km southeast from Lefkada town
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, pebbles
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: –
  • Other Information: a few natural shade
  • Accessibility: by car, on foot from the village center

+ Pros

  • quite shallow with calm sea surface
  • ideal for children
  • easy access

– Cons

  • can be crowded in high season
Nikiana beach, Lefkada east beaches