Nudist beaches in Lefkada

If you prefer naturism on your holiday, you have some options for Lefkada nudism as well. We have collected the most important nudist beaches in Lefkada.

Good to know, that naturism is not allowed everywhere in Greece. Greek people do not prefer this way of sunbathing, so before you take off your clothes, look around where you are! There are only a few official naturist beaches in Greece, but don’t worry – almost in every Greek island you will find some solution. Let’s see, what choices do you have for naturism in Lefkada island!

First of all, nudism is only acceptable far away from the main beach parts. At the most famous and crowded beaches like Porto Katsiki, don’t take off your swimsuit. If you visit organized and popular beaches the maximum is usually beeing topless for ladies, but if there are some families or locals, you should not take your bikini top off.

The best options for nudism in Lefkada island

Now the good news! There are several secluded beaches or beach parts in Lefkada. You can find easily some places far away from the crowds, where you can take off your clothes safely. Some of the beaches in Lefkada are long and wide, and most of them are organized only in the central areas.

Agios Ioannis north

Agios Ioannis beach is well known from its large windmills and great surfing potentials. If you go further north than windmills, you can find secluded places for nudism certainly.

Pefkoulia beach, south & north

The main part of the amazing Pefkoulia beach is fully organized, because the famous Deck bar operates here. You have two options if you would like to visit Pefkoulia. Find the southern part of the beach with large rocks, or go to the north! The northern side is slighly better, because the shore is much longer in that region, and your personal space will be also much larger.

Milos beach south

A few years ago the southern part (at the giant vertical rocky form) was the primary destination for nudists in Mylos beach. But be aware! This top Lefkadian beach has become much more popular in recent years, and sometimes the passengers of the small taxi boats disembark here. Always make sure the actual conditions.

Kathisma beach

Katishma beach is a very popular beach in Lefkada, but don’t worry! Just walk to the most southern point, where the large rocks are. Usually this is the correct place, where nudism is allowed in Kathisma.

Gaidaros / Avali / Megali Petra beaches

Gaidaros is one of the best places for nudism in Lefkada. The beach is not so crowded and unorganized, but natural beauty of the area is indisputable. The southern side of Megali Petra is also nice, these are the best places for Lefkada nudism.

Gialos beach

The beach is far away from the crowds and also a great location for naturism. Gialos beach is known as one of the most favourite beaches among naturists in Lefkada island.

Egremni beach

Before an earthquake destroyed the road in 2015, northern and southern parts of the long and beautiful Egremni beach were amazing destinations for nudism. Since the beach can be only reached by boat, unfortunately Egremni lost its significance for nudists. In 2021 the asphalt road and the stairs to the beach are renovated, so you can walk down and can find a secluded place.

Have fun on your holiday in Lefkada!

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