Pharmacies in Lefkada

Pharmacy in Lefkada town

Pharmacies in Lefkada (in Greek: Φαρμακείο)

If you caught cold, had some small injury, a wasp-bite or other minor health problems, find a pharmacy on the island. In larger villages of Lefkada there are several pharmacies with all the basic medical equipments and medicines you will need. Look for the flashing green crosses on the streets, all of these signs are clearly visible both day and night. If you are looking for a pharmacy, but you don’t see one, just ask the locals with the word that meens pharmacy in Greek: ‘Farmakio’. The range of products in the stores are various, there are some large pharmacies with almost every medical products (with Greek and national brands), and some smaller with basic supplies. Most of the pharmacies offer medicines, pills, high quality cosmetic products, sunblocks, disinfective gels, adhesive plasters, painkillers, etc.

Pharmacy in Lefkada town

Most of the pharmacies in Lefkada are open from the morning hours till night (usually from 8 am to 20 pm), but some of them in the early afternoon closes for a while and opens again at 6 pm. If you are in emergency situation, on the doors you can find the pharmacy on duty.

Most of the pharmacies are located on the streets of Lefkada town, where you can find dozens of these stores, especially in downtown. Other pharmacies are operating in larger villages of Lefkada, so you can find pharmacies in Nidri, Karya, Lygia, Nikiana, Vasiliki, Vlicho, primarily near the main roads.

Don’t forget that if you are very sick or your health status gets very degraded, call the emergency ambulance number: 166

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