The nearest airport to Lefkada island is the airport of Preveza town. It’s official name is Aktion International Airport, with IATA code PVK. IATA code is defined by the International Air Transport Association, and if you would like find a flight to / from Preveza Airport, the easiest way to enter this code to the flight booking systems.

Preveza Airport (PVK) location and history

Preveza town is located just about 20 kilometers away from Lefkada island, in the sout side of the city. Some people call it as Lefkada airport, but the facility can be reached outside the island. The airport of Preveza started its operation in 1968, and has been constantly upgraded and expanded over the years.

Nowadays it is probably the most important airport on the western side of the Greek mainland, thousands of civilan aircrafts use the airport. International and domestic flights are equally important, serving about a half million passengers in a year. During summer months several seasonal charter flights arrives, primarily from the countries of Europe. From October to April, during autumn / winter season the flights of the airport become rare.

Preveza Airport is used by also as a military airport, which means it is an important Greek base of NATO and Hellenic Air Force.

In the building of Preveza Airport you can find some services, including Hellenic Duty Free shops, souvenir stores, and of course a small bar near to the airside area. The Duty Free shop offers to its customers tobacco products, branded parfumes, Greek snacks, and some other goods.

In front of the airport building you can find a bus stop (local buses are called KTEL) and a parking site for cars. If you want to arrive to Lefkada island from the airport by bus, the travel time will be about 30′. You can find more information, incl. timetables and local bus schedules on KTEL LEFKADAS website.

Preveza – Aktion National Airport coordinates: 38.931935, 20.773093

(the closest airport to Lefkada)

IATA code: PVK

Official website:

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