Preveza Aktion Airport

Closest airport to Lefkada is Preveza airport (Aktion)

The most important airport near Lefkada island: Preveza Aktion Airport gives the opportunity for travellers to reach the west coast of Greece by flights. The airport is a quite small compared to other airports such as Rhodes or Athens, but in most cases it performs its task well. The traffic of Preveza Aktion Airport increases significant in the summer months: from May till the end of September many international charters and domestic flights arrive.

It’s official name is Aktion International Airport, IATA code PVK. IATA code is defined by the International Air Transport Association, and if you would like find a flight to / from Preveza Airport, the easiest way to enter this code to the flight booking systems.

Preveza Aktion Airport

Informations about Preveza Aktion Airport (PVK)

Preveza is located about 20 kilometers away from Lefkada island in north direction. The Preveza Aktion Airport is known as by some people as Lefkada Airport, but as you can see the airport is near to the island, but not directly next to it. The airport of Preveza started its operation in the year of 1968, and has been constantly upgraded and expanded over the years.

Nowadays it is the most important airport on the west side of the Greek mainland, where international and domestic flights land. The airport serve about a half million passengers per a year, especially the traffic of the summer months are significant. Most of the charters arrive from the countries of Europe, but domestic flights are also important from Athens. Between October and April, during autumn / winter seasons the flights of the airport become rare.

Preveza Aktion Airport near Lefkada

Preveza Aktion Airport is used by also as a military airport, which means it is an important base of NATO and Hellenic Air Force.

In the building of Preveza Aktion Airport you can find the basic services: Hellenic Duty Free shops, souvenir stores, and of course a small bar near in the departures area. The Duty Free shop offers for its customers tobacco products, branded parfumes, Greek snacks, and some other goods.

Slightly further away from the airport building you can find a bus stop for local buses (which run to Lefkada and to Preveza), and a parking lot for cars. If you want to travel to Lefkada island from the airport by bus, the travel time will be about 30 minutes. Between the airport and the island travellers pass through the famous pontoon bridge of the island, known as the floating bridge of Agia Mavra.

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