Profitis Ilias

Profitis Ilias chapel, Lefkada

A tiny Greek church, which was built on a top of a mountain in Lefkada: Profitis Ilias has one of the best panoramic views on the island. The church is located in the mountains of Lefkada, a few kilometers away from Karya village, which is famous for its traditions. Profitis Ilias (or known as Ekklisia Profiti Ilias in Lefkada) is a top attraction of the island due for the panoramic lookout, but it’s worth to know that the road which leads here is very narrow and steep.

Lefkada Church of Profitis Ilias

Where to find

The Church of Profitis Ilias is located in the heart of the island, 22 kilometers away from Lefkada town. The nearest villages to this attraction are Karya and Egklouvi, literally the church was built in the mountains between these villages. The road which leads to Profitis Ilias is very narrow, which means you have to drive carefully: a typical mountain road with a lot of curves and narrow sections. The last section is more steep and the quality of the road is also poor at some places, so a visit by car is recommended for experienced drivers.

Road to Profitis Ilias church in Lefkada

Before you reach the small church on a top of a mountain, you will meet former NATO bases and radar stations, which are surrounded by fences. Next to the church there is a small parking lot, which can be used for 4-5 cars maximum at the same time.

What to see

The Church of Profitis Ilias is best known for its exceptional views in Lefkada, because the church was built on the highest point on the east coast, and a only a few peaks are higher in the southern areas. The whitewashed walls of the church are surrounded by a small garden, which is also a lookout. Inside the church you can see the frescoes and relics, which are dedicated to the namesake Prophet Elias.

View to Profitis Ilias, or Profiti Ilia, Lefkada panoramic views

And why is Profitis Ilias listed in travel guides as one of the best sights in Lefkada? Because of those amazing views! You can see the surroundings of Nidri and the small islands on the sea: Meganisi, Skorpios, Madouri, Kastos and Kalamos all can be seen well, if the actual weather conditions are good. In the north you can see the area of Lefkada town and the lagoon, Preveza and its airport, and even Ambracian Gulf in the distance.

Panoramic view from Church of Profitis Ilias in Lefkada

Below the church there can be seen Egklouvi village, which is one of a traditional mountain villages in Lefkada island with old stone houses and narrow streets.

Profitis Ilias view with Egklouvi village, one of Lefkada best sights

The bell, which can be seen in the small bell tower of Profitis Ilias, was used for decades to signal fire on the island. It’ worth to know that in this are drones are officially forbidden due military reasons.

The celebration at the Church of Profitis Ilias is held on 20th of July in every year. If you would like to visit this attraction in Lefkada, the distances from some villages are the following: Nidri 20 km, Vasiliki 23 km, Agios Nikitas 18 km.

Info box

  • 22 km south from Lefkada town
  • Facilities: parking lot
  • Accessibility: by car, by motorbicycle or by quad (recommended for experienced drivers due to poor road conditions)
  • Entrance fee: none (free entrance) 
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