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Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada Greece

Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki beach is an iconic beach of Lefkada and also Greece, where the incredible blue sea meets steep vertical cliffs and white pebbles!

Kathisma beach, Lefkada

Kathisma beach

If you are looking for the best beaches in Lefkada, just visit Kathisma beach! A place with amazing features in a wide and long natural bay.

Agiofili beach, Lefkada

Agiofili beach

The magnificient Agiofili beach is one of the best beaches near Vasiliki village, and offers white pebbles and picturesque views.

Lefkada town travel guide

Lefkada town

Lefkada town is a beautiful capital of the island and the largest city, with a lot of local sights and hidden gems. One of the best best places for sightseeing, because it has great pedestrian roads which are filled restaurants, dozens of shops and wide range of services.

Nidri village, Lefkada


Nidri is one of the best villages in Lefkada with a picturesque port, recommended restaurants and apartments, and a lot of interesting sights. The village is also great destination for a sightseeing, where boat trips and great attractions can be find.

Agios Nikitas village, Lefkada

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful situated village in Lefkada island, surrounded by verdant hills and several famous beaches in the area. The village has wide range of apartments in the area, which can be recommended for a holiday.

Vasiliki village in Lefkada island


Vasiliki offer a charm of a traditional fishing village in Lefkada, with a beautiful port and daily boat excursions. Due to its location it is also a great destination for a holiday, where restaurants, apartments and exceptional windsurfing options are waiting for travellers.

Cape Doukato Lefkada Lighthouse

Cape Doukato

Cape Doukato is a breathtaking sight in Lefkada island, a really exceptional place, where a picturesque lighthouse of Greece and steep cliffs are the main attractions. The area of Cape Lefkatas has ancient history, which was mentioned by the local legends!

Nidri Waterfalls Lefkada (Dimosari Waterfalls)

Nidri Waterfalls

Let’s hike to Nidri Waterfalls in Lefkada! The waterfalls of Nidri are beautiful natural attractions of the island, which can be reached on a scenic hiking trail, surrounded by old plane trees and cliffs.

Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada

Agios Nikitas beach

The small and turquoise coloured Agios Nikitas beach is a popular place in Lefkada, surrounded by green hills and restaurants.

Lygia village, Lefkada


One the east coast of Lefkada Ligia is a small village with calm atmospheres and a lot of apartments and studios, near the capital of the island.

Ponti village, Lefkada


Ponti is the best place for windsurf in Lefkada, where the local winds make ideal conditions to sail fast on the sea.

Mikros Gialos beach Lefkada

Mikros Gialos beach

Mikros Gialos beach is well known for its stunning sea colours, where the entire area dressed in green.

Nidri beach

Nidri beach

The long and narrow Nidri beach has cofee bars, coarse sand and pebbles, and the sea is quite shallow and calm.

Ponti beach, Lefkada

Ponti beach

Ponti beach is recommended especially for windsurfers in Lefkada, who can enjoy the unique wind conditions of the island.

Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki beach is best known for its windsurfing options, where the bay is long and wide, ideal to sunbathe and enjoy the summer.


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