Vasiliki is a charming fishing village in the southern side of Lefkada island, and became very popular in recent years. Its increasing popularity is due to picturesque street views, tiny port, and of course the great restaurants and beach bars.

The village is situated in the southern side of the island, just a few kilometres away from the highest mountains of Lefkada. Vasiliki lies far away from Lefkada town (37 km), but despite its distance it has easy access. Just drive on the east main road to the southern side of the island, where the road is not so hard to drive. The houses of Vasiliki were built in the shade of the surrounding hills, which are covered by lush vegetation. One of the best things of the village is that it lies in a corner of a wide and long natural bay with emerald waters, which gives Vasiliki an extra charm.

Why visit Vasiliki in Lefkada?

Vasiliki enchants its visitors quickly, because you will see here many picturesque views to the port and to the surroundings. The center of the village is relatively small, but if you walk around, you will meet narrow alleys with many plants, vivid flowers, old olive trees, traditional houses, traditional taverns, souvenir stores, and other interesting shops. Due to narrow (and usually one way) roads the parking lots are outside the center, we suggest find parking places near the beach, or in the outskirts of the village.

The daily life of Vasiliki takes place around the port of Vasiliki, where the fishing boats, yachts and sailboats anchor. This is also the seaside promenade of the village, where most of taverns and coffee bars are open and waiting for guests. In the evenings this street will be also the pedestrian road, where visitors walking and looking for taverns or buy something in the souvenir shops.

An interesting sight of Vasiliki is the small church of the village with its bell tower, which was built on a small hill. The stairs which lead to the church can be accessed from one of the pedestrian streets, near the main road. Its name is ‘Holy Temple of the Dormition of Theotokos’, and celebrates in 15th of August every year.

To the main sights and attractions of Vasiliki belong to small statues and monuments, which were built everywhere in the village. You can see these in the port and next to houses both, just look around. On the streets of the village you can find bakery, ATM, gas station and supermarkets as well, so you don’t have to drive much for these to Nidri or Lefkada town.

During summer months Vasiliki has the most bustling atmospheres in the southern side of Lefkada, and moreover this village is one of the most popular destinations in Lefkada island. Because of that it is recommended to book in advance an apartment or studio before your journey arrives.

The port in Vasiliki

In the port of Vasiliki there can be find excursion boats as well, some of these sail to the west coast of Lefkada, and visit the famous Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches. The port is also a place of the departure for the taxi boats, which sail to the beautiful Agiofili beach and back several times in a day. There is a chance for a boat rent also, just walk to ‘rent a boat’ flags and ask the staff for prices.

About Vasiliki beach

The largest beach of the village lies directly in front of Vasiliki, next to the west port. This part of Vasiliki bay is a long, emerald-coloured coast with shallow seabed and calm waters. Some parts of the beach is organized with parasols, sunbeds and beach bars, and suitable for small children. The other side of the bay belongs to Ponti (Pondi), which is located just a few hundred meters away, and can be accessed by a short walk.

There is another great beach not far from Vasiliki, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada. It is called Agiofili beach, and the easiest way to the beach is to catch a taxi boat in the port of Vasiliki. Taxi boats depart frequently from the port during summer days, and of course these boats bring back the passengers also.

Vasiliki surf spot – best for windsurf

The area of bay is far famous for its windsurfing activity, during high season period thousands of surfers come here to enjoy the special wind, called ‘Eric’. Vasiliki and Ponti are the largest surf spots in Lefkada, and significant even in Greece. Windsurf clubs are open and waiting for beginners and experienced both, because these offer several services for customers. Surf equipment can be rented, or they also undertake windsurfing lessons.

For the other important and interesting surf style, called kitesurf you have to visit Agios Ioannis in the north side of Lefkada. In the afternoons a dozen of kitesurfers gather at the windmills and sail the sea with their kite.


Where to stay in Vasiliki? Recommended studios and apartments

The village is of the best destinations if Lefkada, and has several fans, even for just a visit. In the area there are several accommodations to rent for a holiday, from the rooms to higher standards. Now let’s see which studios and apartments are recommended by guests, and don’t forget to book in advance!

Vasso’s Studios (2-6 guests)

Kavadias Apartments (2-6 guests)

Heliotropia Houses

Akrotiri (rooms for 2-3)

Isalos Rooms (2 guests)

Villa Rania (apartments for 2-4)

Georgakis George Rooms (2-4 person)

Xristina Studios (for 2-5 guests)

Orfeas Rooms (rooms for 2)

Vassiliki Bay Hotel (rooms for 2-3)

Hotel Odeon (for 2-4 guests)

Soul Beach Suites (2 guests)

Villa Delfini (for 2)

Casa Demi (up to 4)

Villa Aliki (up for 10 guests)

Melissi Villa (for 2)

Echinades Resort (villa for 2-3 person)

Akrogiali Studios (rooms for 2-3 person)

Guide / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.626991, 20.607706
40 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 300 (increases much during summer months)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: taverns, bars, apartments, studios, supermarkets, souvenir & gift shops, bakery, rent a car agency, port, rent a boat, ATM, taxi station, bus station, gas station
InformationNearest beaches: Vasiliki beach (0 km), Ponti beach (2 km),  Agiofili beach (3 km)

+ Reasons to visit this village in Lefkada island

  • traditional taverns and coffee bars
  • pleasant atmospheres of a tiny fishing village
  • windsurf spot
  • some of the west coast beaches are near (Porto Katsiki, Egremni)
  • daily boat trips and cruises from the port

– Cons

  • far away from Lefkada town and the beaches in the north
  • the beach of the village is average
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