Vasiliki village in Lefkada island

A traditional fishing village of Lefkada, Vasiliki is one of the best places on the island for many reasons in 2024. The charming port of the village offer daily boat excursions, the streets are filled by great restaurants and coffee bars, and it is also an exceptional windsurf spot in Greece. The long beach of Vasiliki is shallow and wide, and one of the most important information: the famous beaches of Lefkada west coast, Egremni beach and Porto Katsiki are situated just about 15 kilometers away from the village.

Lefkada Vasiliki

Where to find

As you can see on Lefkada maps, Vasiliki is located in the southern side of the island, about 38 kilometers away from Lefkada town. The village has easy access, because the road which leads on the east coast is wide, and driving is not difficult at all. The main road bypass the center of Vasiliki, but there is a junction which leads directly to the port, where the village center and the beach are situated.

Vasiliki location in Lefkada

Most of the free parking lots were built near the beach and in the outskirts of the village, because the streets of Vasiliki are narrow and a lot of these have one direction. The best places for parking are located behind the beach, which is near the center and the port both.

Parking in Vasiliki

Informations about Vasiliki in Lefkada

On a sightseeing tour in Lefkada island a visit in Vasiliki is strongly recommended, because as you will see in this travel guide, this village has so many great features. The houses were built next to a wide bay, in the shade of the surrounding hills, which are covered by lush vegetation. The bay of Vasiliki is one of the largest natural bays in Lefkada, characterized by green coloured sea and shallow seabed.

View to Vasiliki port

The center of the village is small, but by walking around you can discover narrow alleys with plants and flowers, old olive trees and traditional stonehouses. The port of Vasiliki is also situated here, which is usually filled by boats and literally lasts until the last houses. The road in the port is also a pedestrian street, where most of the restaurants, coffee bars and souvenir stores awating for guests. Local supermarkets are slightly further away: the largest ones are Euro Supermarket and Supermarket Nikos, and can be find directly next to the main road which connect Vasiliki with Ponti and with Nidri, just like the local fuel stations.

Pedestrian street with restaurants and bars in Vasiliki Lefkada

The bakery, the pharmacy and the local tourist offices are all within two minutes walk from the port. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Vasiliki which are recommended by travellers and locals both, find Restaurant Oceans (sea food), Vagelaras, Giannis Grill House and Starfish Restaurant. A lot of taverns and bars offer tables in the port directly next to the boats, which give an extra charm to Vasiliki in Lefkada.

Lefkada Vasiliki center and boats

In recent years the village become one of the most popular areas for tourists, but the nightlife is still not as bustling, as in Lefkada town or in Nidri. At summer nights the promenade and the local restaurants getting filled by people, but you will notice that the streets are usually slightly less crowded than the largest settlements on the island.

Vasiliki sightseeing

What to see

The best sights of Vasiliki are the charming port and its surroundings, but there can be visit some other things as well, which are worth to see. One of the attractions is the small church of the village, which was built on a small hill, about two minutes walk from the port. Its name is ‘Holy Temple of the Dormition of Theotokos’, and celebrates in 15th of August every year.

The small statues and monuments are also noticable sights in Vasiliki, which were built everywhere in the village: you can see these in the port and next to houses both. The view of the windsurfers are stunning for a lot of travellers, who sail fast on the sea in the afternoons.

The port

The port of Vasiliki was rebuilt in recent years, because an earthquake made some damages a few years ago. The port is important for travellers and locals both, because it is used not just by excursion boats, but it is also a ferry station. The ferries between Lefkada and Kefalonia island runs from Vasiliki, because this is the shortest distance between the two islands. A travel time by a ferry between Vasiliki and Fiskardo (Kefalonia) takes just about an hour.

Vasiliki port (marina)

If you spend your holiday in Vasiliki, it’s worth to know that daily boat trips and excursions are available, which sail to the west coast of Lefkada and to the most beautiful Ionian Islands as well during summer months. The boats visit on their route the magical Porto Katsiki beach and Egremni beach, which belong to the best beaches of Lefkada, and offer unforgettable moments for a vacation. To buy tickets just visit the local tourist offices near the port.

Taxi boat to Agiofili beach

One of the most important informations about Vasiliki port is that taxi boats to Agiofili beach depart from here. You can buy the tickets to Agiofili at the boat, which can be find in the center of the coastal promenade. There is a chance for a boat rent also, just walk to ‘rent a boat’ flags and ask the staff for price (these small boats are allowed to sail only on the east coast, the west coast is forbidden).

The local port with boat trips and rentals

About Vasiliki beach

The largest beach in Vasiliki is located about 5 minutes walk from the port in west direction. Vasiliki beach is a long and wide place, offering shallow seabed and usually calm waters. Some parts of the local beach are organized by parasols and sunbeds for rent, in the background with a few cocktail bars and apartments. This area can be suitable for smaller children, but it’s worth to know that the seabed is filled much more by coarse sand and pebbles than sand.

Vassiliki beach

The other side of the bay belongs to Ponti (Pondi): the small settlement can be accessed by a short walk on a road. Travellers who are interesting in campings, can be useful information that one of the significant campings in Lefkada is situated here, just look for the signs ‘Camping Vassiliki beach’.


When someone ask, where is the best windsurf spot in Lefkada, the answer is simple: in Vasiliki! During high season weeks, from June to August thousands of surfers arrive here to enjoy the special wind, called ‘Eric’. Vasiliki and Ponti are the most important surf spots in Lefkada, and very famous even in Greece. Local windsurf clubs are open and waiting for beginners and experienced both, offering several services for customers: surf equipment rent and windsurfing lessons.

Lefkada best windsurf spot in Vasiliki and Ponti, Greece

The best spot of the other stunning surf style, called kitesurf is at Agios Ioannis beach in the north side of Lefkada. In the afternoons dozens of kitesurfers sail on the sea with their kites at the windmills.

Where to stay in 2024

Apartments, where to stay in Vasiliki

Info box

  • 40 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 300 (increases much during summer months)
  • Facilities: taverns, bars, apartments, studios, supermarkets, souvenir & gift shops, bakery, rent a car agency, port, rent a boat, ATM, taxi station, bus station, petrol station
  • Nearest beaches: Vasiliki beach (0 km), Ponti beach (2 km),  Agiofili beach (3 km)

+ Reasons to visit

  • traditional taverns and coffee bars
  • pleasant atmospheres of a tiny fishing village
  • windsurf spot
  • some of the west coast beaches are near (Porto Katsiki, Egremni)
  • daily boat trips and cruises from the port

– Cons

  • far away from Lefkada town and the beaches in the north
  • the beach of the village is average


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