Vlicho is a small village located next to Nidri, at the slopes of the mountains.

The houses of Vlicho (Vlycho) were built on the south side of Nidri, in front of Geni (Yenion) peninsula where a shallow lagoon was formed. The main road which leads on the east coast of Lefkada passes through the village, so everybody will meet Vlicho who drives on this route.

What to find in Vlycho

Due to geographical conditions Vlycho is quite long and narrow, with just a few streets. On the main street of Vlicho there are most of the taverns, mini market and a bakery. Beside the road there is a roadwalk for pedestrians, which connects to each other the tourist facilites. On the southern side of Vlicho was built a small playground with swings and climbing frames for children.

Boat repairs with a port

Vlicho is known well from its ship repair facilities, which were built betweeen the village and Nidri. If you drive through the village, next to the bay you can see dozens of boats which are under construction. Next to the road there is a port for smaller and larger boats.

Because of these boat repair activities the bay in front of Vlicho isn’t recommended for a swim, and there are no organized beaches at all. The sea is usually contiminated with oil and other dark-coloured lubricants here, and the shallow water of Vlicho bay refreshes slowly.

Photos and gallery of Vlicho, Lefkada

There are two petrol stations of Lefkada near Vlycho, in the north and and in the south both. In the direction of Nidri there can be find a car wash.

Where to stay / recommended accommodations in Vlycho

Ola Kala Apartments and Rooms (rooms for 2-5 guests)

Dimitris Rooms (rooms for 2 person)

Karavios Vlicho Studio (rooms for 2)

Avesta Private Villas (up to 6)

Casa del Mare (up to 4-5 guests)

Villa Crystal (up to 6 person)

Guide to Vlicho / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.684246, 20.698375
21 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 50 (increases during summer months)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: apartments, studios, supermarkets, taverns, bars, ship repair facilities
InformationNearest beaches: Nidri beach (2km)

+ Reasons to visit Vlicho in Lefkada island

  • calm atmospheres
  • close to Nidri

– Cons

  • ship repair facilities in the bay
  • no organized beaches
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