Vlicho Nidri Lefkada


The small village is located next to a wide bay, and has only one street with some taverns and bars.

Vlicho lies in the neighborhood of Nidri, on the southern side of the famous tourist resort. The houses of the village were built in the shade of the mountains, next to the east main road which passes through the village. This is the primary street of Vlicho, with some some taverns, mini market and a bakery. Beside the road there is a roadwalk for pedestrians, it connects to each other the tourist facilites. On the southern side of Vlicho was built a small playground with swings and climbing frames for children.

Bay of Vlicho

Vlicho is known well from the ship repair facilities. If you drive through the village, next to the bay you can see dozens of boats which are under construction. Because of this repair activities the bay in front of Vlicho isn’t recommended for a swim. The water is usually contiminated with oil and other dark-coloured lubricants.

On the southern side of Vlicho you can find a petrol station, if your car is on low fuel.


Guide to Vlicho

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.684246, 20.698375
21 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 50 (increases during summer months)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: apartments, studios, supermarkets, taverns, bars, ship repair facilities
InformationNearest beaches: Nidri beach (2km)

+ Reasons to visit Vlicho in Lefkada island

  • calm atmospheres
  • close to Nidri

– Cons

  • ship repair facilities in the bay


Vlicho on map


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