Why Lefkada?

Why is Lefkada one of the most beloved Greek islands?

Planning your next vacation is never easy. There are always several questions before the planned vacation. Where are the most beautiful places in Europe? Where are the best Greek beaches? What are amazing places in Greece that are easily accessible by plane?

Lefkada island is a great answer to these questions.

If you want to discover a beautiful Greek island with amazing beaches and dozens of natural beauties, Lefkada island is a top holiday choice. There are plenty of reasons why you should spend your holiday in Lefkada, just take a look to our list!

Lefkada island has impressive natural sights

The entire island is mountainous, which guaranties stunning views and panoramas in many locations. Wherever you go, you will meet spectacular panoramas, steep cliffs, charming valleys. This region is one of the greenest parts of Greece with lush vegetation, many forests and flowers. If you are looking for beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, you will fall in love with Lefkada!

Basic informations about Lefkada island…

Beaches of Lefkada island are listed among the best beaches in Greece (and all over Europe also)

Fans of the island are calling Lefkada usually as the ‘Blue Island‘. Ionian Sea has incredibly blue colours at the west coast, surrounded with beautiful scenery. If the sea surface is smooth and there are no waves, the water looks extremely clean, and you can feel like in a swimming pool. When the sun shines, million shades of turquoise and emerald colours become visible,

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The famous Lefkada waves

Usually in the western side of Lefkada there are big waves, which are favourites of many travelers. The giant waves hit and wash the limestone pebbles, and Ionian Sea becomes even bluer. These extremely beautiful blue colors are famous symbols of the western beaches in Lefkada, and deserves even more the name “Blue Island“!

Bustling tourist resorts or calm atmospheres – whatever you need

Are you looking for tourist resorts with dozens of coffee bars, nice taverns and souvenir shops? Or you prefer quiet places, and you would like stay away from the noise of the world? Whatever you want, there are bustling resorts and calm places both. Walk the pedestrian streets of Lefkada town or Nidri, calm down in mountain villages like Agios Petros or Athani, discover tiny fishing villages like Vasiliki or Sivota.

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Lefkada surf style and water sports

The island has exceptional great options for water sports. The main attractions are windsurf and kitesurf, because of a special western wind called Eric.

Surfers come to Lefkada from many countries every year, enjoying the waves and power of western winds. The best place for kitesurfers is called Agios Ioannis beach at the top of the island. The windsurf center of Lefkada is a large bay in the south, next to Ponti and Vasiliki village. Also this Greek island has several other options for water sports like jet-ski, paraglide, banana and other goodies at the beach of Nidri.

You can reach easily other Ionian Islands

The ports of Nidri and Vasiliki are also a great starting points to visit other picturesque Ionian islands. The island has good connections to other Ionian Islands like Kefalonia, Meganisi, Ithaka, Kastos or Kalamos. In the ports especially in the marinas of Nidri and Vasiliki there are several excursion boats which offer daily island cruises, BBQ sailings, party boat, etc. If you would like to discover the interesting coastline with small turquoise bays on your own, just rent a small boat!

Hundreds of great taverns with delicious Greek cuisine

Do you like tasty Greek cuisine? You can find almost everywhere excellent local taverns great quality of meats, pastas, seafood, salads and dozens of other type of meals. Most of the meals are healthy and delicious.

Weather is truly mediterrenean

The mediterranean climate is great all for those who like hot and sunny days! The rainy days and clouds during summer months are extremely rare, so if you are tired of rain and clouds, come here to relax and recharge your batteries!

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So what do you think about travelling to Lefkada?

Don’t hesitate – start planning your vacation now!

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