Ponti village, Lefkada

Welcome to the best windsurf spot in Lefkada: Ponti is the ultimate place for the surf community on the island. This small village is located on the southern side of the island, directly next to Vasiliki village, about 40 kilometers from the capital. Ponti is visited by thousands of windsurfers every year, who enjoy the special weather conditions for surf. Now let’s see, what to find here and why is this settlement so unique in Lefkada!

Lefkada Ponti

What you should know about Ponti, Lefkada

The location of Ponti in Lefkada island is quite special: the buildings of the village were built next to a long and wide bay on the southern part of the island. The nearest village to Ponti is Vasiliki, which is situated just about 1 kilometer away, literally in the neighborhood. The road main road, which runs on the east coast leads through the center of Ponti: if you arrive from the direction of Nidri or Lefkada town, you can’t miss it.

Ponti center

From Vasiliki Ponti is a just a short walk, because these villages lies just 1,5 kilometer away from each other and sidewalks were also built. The village is small, but it offer for travellers mini market, restaurants and cocktail bars. For larger supermarkets and bakeries you have to drive to Vasiliki, but the basics can be find here. The apartments and studios in Ponti were built near the sea and on the slopes of the surrounding mountains both.

Street view in Ponti Lefkada

The best restaurants, which are worth to try due to travellers reviews are To Kyma Restaurant, Pondi Family Restaurant and Maistros Restaurant. These places can be reached easily, because they are situated in the village center. On the beach, which is just a minute walk from the center coffee bars are waiting for guests also, which offer cold drinks and meals for vacationers.

View to Ponti (Pondi) near Vasiliki

Ponti doesn’t have an own port, but just take a walk to Vasiliki, where the excursion boats visit the most famous beaches of Lefkada, such as Egremni beach or Porto Katsiki.

Ponti windsurf

The bay of Ponti famous from its special wind called ‘Eric’ not just in Lefkada, but also in Greece: one of the best destinations for windsurf. The winds of the area, which give ideal conditions for surfers arrive usually in the afternoons – in the magic hours, as the surfers say.

Lefkada Pondi beach windsurf

You can find the windsurfing facilities and services directly on the beach, where you can learn here the basics of windsurf, and also surf equipments and accessories can be rented in the surf clubs. If you want to learn, just find at the beach Grand Nefeli Wind Surfing School, Club Vass or Wildwind Holidays, where expert staff teach the surf for beginners.

Ponti windsurf spot Lefkada

Due to surfer community Ponti (Pondi) has several apartments and studios where you can stay on a holiday in Lefkada, even if you are not interested so much in surf. Despite its reputation and bustling surf spot, Ponti has relaxing atmospheres during the summer months, which is also typical in the region.

Ponti beach

The long and quite shallow bay offer nice options to swim and to sunbathe. Ponti beach is known usually as the place of the windsurfers, but the surfers are further away from the beach, so they don’t bother those who want just swim. The beach of the village lasts until the half of the bay, where it meets Vasiliki beach.

Ponti beach

The best beach near Ponti is known as Agiofili beach, which can be reached quick and easy by taxi boats from the port of Vasiliki. The nearest beaches on the west coast are Porto Katsiki beach, Egremni beach and Gialos beach, which are situated approx. 14 – 20 kilometers away from Ponti.

Where to stay

Pondi and Vasiliki an excellent (literally the best) location for a stay in Lefkada for windsurfers. Most of the local accommodations can be reached easily, because a lot of apartments were built directly next to the main road which connects Ponti to Vasiliki, and some of these are quite near the beach. The other apartments are located on the hills behind the village, and offer amazing panoramic views to the bay.

Ponti apartments
Vasiliki apartments and studios

Info box

  • 43 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 100 (increases much during summer months)
  • Facilities: restaurants, bars, apartments, studios, mini market, surf clubs, surf equipment rent, ATM
  • Nearest beaches: Ponti beach (0 km), Vasiliki beach (2 km),  Agiofili beach (5 km)

+ Reasons to visit Pondi in Lefkada island

  • one of the best surf spots in Lefkada, and also in Greece (ideal for windsurf)
  • unique atmospheres
  • the charming Vasiliki village and its port is near

– Cons

  • not suitable for diving
  • can be windy


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