Ponti village, Lefkada


Welcome to the windsurfer’s paradise, welcome to Ponti!

In southern side of Lefkada there is a small village, where thousands of windsurfers meet each other every summer. This small, but tiny village is called Ponti, next to Vasiliki village. The bay of Ponti is famous from its special wind ‘Eric’, which arrives usually in the afternoons (the magic hours, as the surfers say).

Ponti is a friendly village, it was built in the western side of a bay. It has easy access, the main road goes through it, but if you take your holiday in the neighboring Vasiliki, it will be only a short walk. The settlement has several apartments and studios, where you can stay, even if you are not interested in surf. Despite its reputation Ponti has relaxing atmosphere during the summer months, which you can find almost everywhere in this region.

Next to the road there are some beach bars and taverns, and of course inseparatable windsurfing facilities. You can learn here the basics of windsurfing, and also equipments and accessories can be rented. Most of the apartments and studios was built directly next to the main road which connects Ponti to Vasiliki, the others are located on the hills behind the village.

One of the best beaches of the area is called Agiofili, which can be reached easily by water taxi (boats depart from the port of Vasiliki).

Guide to Ponti

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.632912, 20.596545
43 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 100 (increases much during summer months)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: taverns, bars, apartments, studios, mini markets, surf-based facilites
InformationNearest beaches: Ponti beach (0 km), Vasiliki beach (2 km),  Agiofili beach (5 km)

+ Reasons to visit Ponti in Lefkada island

  • one of the best surf spots in Lefkada
  • unique atmosphere
  • lies directly next to Vasiliki village

– Cons



Ponti village on map

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