What to do

What to do in Lefkada

What to do in Lefkada

If you’re looking for a Greek island where you can not get bored, then you will love Lefkada very much.

Enjoy the most amazing beaches in Greece

Easy to say that Lefkada island hosts many beaches among the best ones in Greece, just take a look at the pictures! The ‘millions shades of blue’ sentence is more true than anything else, especially when the waves come. The charm of the beaches are combined with the breathtaking natural enviroment, giving you a unique experience.


Discover picturesque fishing villages

Travel back in time, when mass tourism did not exist! There are still some almost untouched, picturesque settlements in Lefkada, which give you the charm of the Greek lifestyle. Walk around the harbours, where small fishing boats, elegant yachts, graceful sailboats can be seen.


Enjoy the peace of the mountains

Most of the island’s area is mountainous, so Lefkada is a top destination for mountain lovers too. In the hills there are no crowds, just you and the infinite silence. Listen to the music of cicadas, the chatter of the birds, the sound of the forests.


Hike in the forests of Lefkada

In the island you can find some great hiking trails, from simple to extended tours. One of the most beloved trails leads you to spectacular waterfalls – don’t miss it!


Get into the bustling life of Nidri & Lefkada town

Are you crazy for bustling promenades with bars, taverns and souvenir stores? Visit Nidri and Lefkada town, which are the two largest towns in Lefkada island. There’s a lot of fun in the evenings, so thousands of tourists are looking for these places day by day.


Explore the local taverns with excellent foods and drinks

Hundreds of restaurants and bars are waiting for you, most of them have local owners. The locals are proud of their high-quality meals and drinks, and they would like to give the best food to their guests. We strongly recommend trying tasty Greek foods in traditional tavernas.


Learn to windsurf or kitesurf

Lefkada is a unique destination in Greece, because the island is a mecca of surfing. Both type of surfing can be find in Lefkada, windsurf and kitesurf are equally popular. If you want to learn these extreme sports, here’s your chance!


Ride a bicycle

Rent a bike in Lefkada or take your equipment with you to the island, and go cycling! The hills and valleys of the island offer first class experiences for bikers. Feel free with two wheels and leave the asphalt roads, discover abandonded trails, or just go around the villages – you will like it!


Taste wines, honeys and olive oils from Lefkada

Many locals of the island are addicted to agriculture, and to producing food in excellent quality. If you visit Lefkada, you will often meet local products, such as housewines, extra virgin olive oils and several types of honeys. Feel free to taste these products, you will enjoy them!


Rent a boat and discover the nearby tiny islands

Want a truly unique adventure? Rent a small boat in the port of Nidri or Sivota! You and your family can discover easily the nearby coastline including the islands in close proximity, far away from the crowds. Spend a day with exploring the coasts of Lefkada, and you will never forget this great experience.



Have a great time in Lefkada!


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