Sivota village, Lefkada island

Explore a charming fishing village in Lefkada: Sivota, or Syvota is one of the most beautiful settlements on the island, where thousands of flowers, picturesque taverns and a tiny port can be visited. The apartments of the village were built around a well protected bay, which is surrounded by incredible green hills. Some inhabitants of Lefkada say that Sivota is blessed all the gifts by the mother nature, so if you are looking for a tiny, but amazing place for a sightseeing, it’s worth to discover the streets of this village.

Lefkada Sivota

Sivota, a tiny hidden gem of Lefkada

You can find Sivota on the east side of Lefkada, between Nidri and Vasiliki villages, about 32 kilometers from the capital. The junction is indicated by road signs, and after 2 kilometers you reach the first houses of the village. A little further away you will meet a small parking lot, and we suggest park your car here: the main streets of the village are narrow, and parking is forbidden. The pedestrian street connect both sides of the bay, and due for the small size of the place, it can be discovered easy by walking around.

Photo of Sivota, Lefkada island

By walking on the main street of Sivota visitors will meet the famous restaurants and cocktail bars, which are waiting for guests in the port. This is the place also where the local bakery, supermarket and gift shop can be find, so everything is near the parking lot. This pedestrian road is filled by the best restaurants of Sivota: find the well known signs of Taverna Spiridoula, Taverna Stavros, 12 Gods, Odyssey and Taverna Ionion in the port.

Sivota port

Sivota is a perfect place in Lefkada to sit down in one of the local restaurants and coffee bars to enjoy the exceptional atmospheres of a charming fishing village, which are so beloved in Greece by many travellers. Admire the blue coloured sea and the colourful houses of the bay, where a lot of beautiful flowers make more exceptional panoramic views.

Best restaurants of Sivota

A lot of travellers ask before visiting this village that where to find Sivota beach? This village is unique, because there can’t be find good beaches: just a small place with coarse sand. The area is not suitable for a swim, the bay is much more a port than a beach for swim. The best beaches near Sivota are Afteli beach 7 kilometers away and Mikros Gialos beach 13 kilometers away, which are recommended.

Pedestrian street in the port

Sivota port

The port can’t be missed in Sivota, because it is situated in the heart of the village, directly next to taverns. This place is well known in Lefkada, because the bay offer one of the best natural protection for boats, where big waves or strong winds are not significant. The port of Sivota belong to the largest marinas on the island, where fishing boats, yachts and sailboats are anchored.

Apartments in Sivota, Lefkada

At this place travellers can rent a small boat or rib without licence, so the emerald bays of the east coast and the hidden beaches nearby can be discovered. It’s an important information, that from the port of Sivota daily boat trips don’t depart, so you have to travel to Vasiliki or to Nidri village for boat excursions to the famous Porto Katsiki or Egremni beach.

An interesting fact about Sivota: some tourists sometimes confuse this village with an another seaside settlement, which has the same name in Greece. The other Sivota is located in the Epirus region between Parga and Igoumenitsa, and it is much larger with its population of 900. The distance between these two Greek villages is 140 kilometers, and the only common thing apart from the names that both are picturesque seaside resorts.

Where to stay

This village is small, but it also offer some apartments and studios for travellers. Sivota is recommended primarily for those who like the atmospheres of charming fishing villages, and would like to stay away from the crowds.

Apartments and villas of Sivota

Info box

  • 31 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 100 (increases during summer months)
  • Facilities: taverns, coffee bars, apartments, studios, supermarket, port, ATM, boat rent, gift shop
  • Nearest beaches: Afteli beach (6,6 km), Amousa beach (9 km), Mikros Gialos beach (12 km)

+ Reasons to visit Sivota in Lefkada island

  • pretty fishing village with many flowers
  • port for yachts and sailboats
  • can be rent a boat / rib
  • great restaurants

– Cons

  • the nearest beaches are further away