Lefkada beaches

In Greece Lefkada beaches are well known for their exceptional blue colours and natural beauty.

Steep white cliffs surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, millions shades of blue and emerald colours: Egremni beach, Porto Katsiki beach, Mylos beach or Kathisma beach belong to the best places.

The magic behind Lefkada beaches is the unique geographical location of the island. The west coast of the island faces to the open sea, while the east coast is well protected from the waves and winds.

The beaches of Lefkada in Greece offer exceptional diversity for every beach enthusiasts, where the west coast and the east coast look totally different.

Our Travel Guide proud to present the best Lefkada beaches, which make this island one of the best holiday locations for 2023!

Lefkada beaches Greece

The best 37 beaches in Lefkada

Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada Greece

Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki beach is an iconic beach of Lefkada and also Greece, where the incredible blue sea meets steep vertical cliffs and white pebbles!

Kathisma beach, Lefkada

Kathisma beach

If you are looking for the best beaches in Lefkada, just visit Kathisma beach! A place with amazing features in a wide and long natural bay.

Egremni beach Lefkada

Egremni beach

Meet the legend! In Lefkada Egremni beach belongs to the best beaches with its endless blue colours and steep cliffs, a breathtaking natural beauty of Greece.

Agiofili beach, Lefkada

Agiofili beach

The magnificient Agiofili beach is one of the best beaches near Vasiliki village, and offers white pebbles and picturesque views.

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach is favourite for many due to the incredible sea colours, windmills and kitesurfing options.

Agios Nikitas beach in Lefkada

Agios Nikitas beach

The small and turquoise coloured Agios Nikitas beach is a popular place in Lefkada, surrounded by green hills and restaurants.

Afteli beach

Afteli beach

Afteli beach is a tiny emerald gem on Lefkada east coast, where the nature formed small bays and green hills.

Amoglossa beach

Ammoglossa beach

Ammoglossa beach reminds to a lagoon with its shallow waters, situated near the floating bridge and the fort of Agia Mavra.

Ammoussa beach guide in Lefkada

Ammoussa beach

A nice place on the southeast coast: Ammoussa beach has calm waters, free parking lot and relaxing atmospheres near Marantochori village.

Avali beach guide, Lefkada

Avali beach

On the west coast Avali beach is a less visited, but charming place with a nice beach bar and blue waters.

Dessimi beach

Desimi beach

A long bay of Desimi beach is situated on the east coast, where campings, boat rentals are offered.

Gaidaros beach Lefkada (Theotokos beach)

Gaidaros beach

Gaidaros beach is one of the most secluded beaches, which can be also recommended for nudists in Lefkada island.

Gira beach, near Lefkada town

Gira beach

Gira beach or Gyra is one of the northernmost places in Lefkada island, near the capital.

Gialos beach in Lefkada

Gialos beach

On the southern side of the island Gialos beach is a long and organized place in the area of Athani village.

kastro beach lefkada town 1

Kastro beach

A shallow seabed with very easy access are the main features of Kastro beach in the north.

Kavalikefta beach

Kavalikefta beach

Kavalikefta beach is a unique place with giant rocks and pebbles on the west coast, in the area of Kalatmitsi.

Lakka beach, Geni, Lefkada

Lakka beach

Lakka beach is one of the best places in Yenion peninsula, which can be reached only by boat trips! This place is recommended for snorkel due its sea caves.

Lygia beach Lefkada

Lygia beach

The primary beach of Lygia village is a medium developed place, located directly next to the east main road.

Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra beach is a top place in Lefkada for everyone, who like calm atmospheres and views to big rocks.

Mikros Gialos beach Lefkada

Mikros Gialos beach

Mikros Gialos beach is well known for its stunning sea colours, where the entire area dressed in green.

Mylos beach, Lefkada Greece

Mylos beach

Mylos beach is an extraordinary place in Lefkada, which is characterized by a huge sand dune and millions shades of blue colours!

Nikiana beach, Lefkada

Nikiana beach

The small and calm beach of Nikiana is a child friendly place with shallow waters and calm sea surface.

Nidri beach

Nidri beach

The long and narrow Nidri beach has cofee bars, coarse sand and pebbles, and the sea is quite shallow and calm.

Pefkoulia beach guide in Lefkada

Pefkoulia beach

Pefkoulia beach is one of the most beautiful places on the west coast, which have very easy access in Lefkada.

Passa beach Lefkada island

Passa beach

Passa beach is known usually as Perigiali beach, and has snorkeling options near Nidri village.

Ponti beach, Lefkada

Ponti beach

Ponti beach is recommended especially for windsurfers in Lefkada, who can enjoy the unique wind conditions of the island.

Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki beach is best known for its windsurfing options, where the bay is long and wide, ideal to sunbathe and enjoy the summer.

Best beaches of Lefkada

Lefkada best beaches 2023

On the top: a list of Lefkada best beaches, where endless blue colours meet natural wonders in Greece!

Nudist beaches in Lefkada

Nudist beaches in Lefkada

The best nudist beaches in Lefkada, where the naturism can be an option for travellers. Know the secluded places where you can drop off your clothes!

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