Lakka beach, Geni, Lefkada

Lakka (Laka) beach

Amazing beach of Geni peninsula, with exceptional snorkel experiences!

The beach is located on the southern side of Geni peninsula, 7 km away from Nidri village. Lakka can be accessed only by boat, several boat excursions arrive here from the port of Nidri. It has white pebbles and vertical cliffs in the background, which make spectacular views to the area. On the surrounding hills there is a lush vegetation, thousands of evergreen trees and bushes grow here.

Lakka beach is totally unorganized, you can’t find here beach bars or other services. Just you and the pure beauty of nature! The waters around Lakka are well known about marine life, the seabed is filled with large and small fishes, squids, octopuses, starfishes and crabs.

If you want to see this beach almost empty, or if you don’t like the group boat excurcions , just rent a small boat in Nidri and visit Lakka beach only with your family!

Guide to Lakka beach

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.673742, 20.721747
25 km southeast from Lefkada town (Geni peninsula)
Sea colourSea water color: emerald, blue
Sand typeSand type: sand, pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: normal
Waves Sea surface: usually calm
CrowdsCrowds: normal
Facilities on the beachFacilities: –
InformationOther Information:
AccessibilityAccessibility: by boat

+ Pros

  • wonderful scenery
  • calm atmospheres
  • great for snorkeling

– Cons

  • can be accessed easily only by boat



Lakka beach on map


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