Kavalikefta beach

Kavalikefta beach

Giant rocks and tiny bays make special Kavalikefta beach in Lefkada island, near Kalamitsi village. This beach is located on the west coast of island, surrounded by high mountains and deep blue sea. The access of Kavalikefta beach is sometimes not easy, but as the biggest fans of the beach say, this place can be worth the effort if you like rocky beaches.

Lefkada Kavalikefta beach

Location and access of Kavalikefta beach in Lefkada

This place is located about 24 kilometers away from Lefkada town and 11 kilometers away from Agios Nikitas. Kavalikefta beach is also known as ‘Kalamitsi beach’, because the nearest village is Kalamitsi in the west mountains, situated about 4,5 kilometers away from the beach.

To reach Kavalikefta beach you have to drive to Kalamitsi, from where a narrow road leads between olive groves. Get ready, on this route you will meet several hairpin bends and narrow sections, so we suggest an experienced driver! The road which leads to Kavalikefta beach is the same, which connect Megali Petra beach, Avali beach and Gaidaros beach in this area.

Kavalikefta beach parking lot

When you drive to Kavalikefta from Kalamitsi, just go straight and ignore the junctions, and after a lot of hairpin bends the road ends at the parking lots.

Kalamitsi beach parking info

Parking in Kalamitsi beach (and also in Megali Petra beach) is usually one of the hardest all over Lefkada island, especially during high season weeks.

After the paid parking lots of Kavalikefta beach got filled, which happens often before noon, the only option to parking a car is next to the road. Unfortunately this solution is the worst place for park, because the last road section is very narrow, filled with hairpin bends and road defects, and the cars which park roadside, make sometimes very difficult traffic situations!

If you visit Kavalikefta beach (or Megali Petra beach) by car, keep in mind that your vehicle can be easily damaged by unexperienced or negligant drivers during high season. In recent years we have experienced several times that parking at Kavalikefta beach by car (or leaving this place) can be a nightmare, especially on some days in high season, and depends on your actual luck. To best practice to avoid these parking / leaving difficulties in the months of July and August is to arrive to Kavalikefta in the morning, and drive back in the late afternoon, when oncoming traffic almost stops.

Travel guide with photos

A decade ago Kavalikefta beach was much less popular than other beaches on Lefkada west coast, but recent years it has became much more famous due to the photos and travel guides. After you have parked, just walk to Kavalikefta beach bar and climb down some stairs, because visitors can reach the sea through the cantin.

Photo of Kavalikefta Lefkada (Kalamitsi beach)

While you walk down to the beach, you meet the central areas, where Kavalikefta beach is organized by some parasols and sunbeds. These are not free, you have to pay for using this equipment, but further away travellers can also use their parasols. This area is characterized by giant rocks, which are the highlights of this beach in Lefkada island, and make it special for beach enthusiasts.

View to Kavalikefta beach

Between these rocks the coast is filled by stones, pebbles and coarse sand. If you want to jump into the sea, you can climb up to the top of these rocks, but always be very careful, and before jump make sure it’s safe! It can be also important, that Kavalikefta beach is not so family friendly place due to the stones and rocks, and smaller children need constant supervision here.

Kavalikefta beach rocks

The local bar, known as Kavalikefta beach bar offer for visitors cold drinks, some basic food, and a resting area with some shade.

Kavalikefta beach rocks on Lefkada island

The beach is located on the west coast of Lefkada, where sometimes the waves can be big. The colours of the Ionian Sea are breathtaking in this case with its extreme ‘Lefkada blue’ look, but due to the rocks and stones it could be dangerous.

Lefkada waves

In the southern side of Kavalikefta beach there are some secluded places, and in that direction you can find the other superb beach of Lefkada, which is called Megali Petra beach. Megali Petra has also some giant rocks, and its name represent well, because it’s meaning in English is simply ‘Giant Rock’.

What to do in Kavalikefta beach, Lefkada

Kavalikefta belong to the mid size beaches in Lefkada, but even it has become very popular in recent years, it has usually calm atmospheres. This exceptional beach can be recommended for everyone, who are interested in breathtaking places with beautiful natural surroundings.

Lefkada beaches

Because of its exceptional natural beauty and unique look, Kavalikefta beach is listed by many travellers as one of the best beaches of Lefkada island! This area is famous for the great beaches in Lefkada, because within a few kilometers there can be find Megali Petra beach, Avali beach, Gaidaros beach, Kathisma beach and Mylos beach.

Where to stay near Kavalikefta beach?

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Kavalikefta beach info (Kalamitsi beach)

Coordinates:  38.754137, 20.589176
20 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand type: pebbles, rocks, coarse sand
Depth: deepens quickly
Sea surface: moderate
Crowds: normal, but parking lots are usually overcrowded
Facilities: beach bar, paid parking, sunbeds / parasols for rent
Other Information: you can find here Megali Petra beach also
Accessibility: by car (narrow asphalt road)

+ Pros

  • beautiful natural scenery
  • one of the most romantic beaches in Lefkada
  • can find some secluded places as well

– Cons

  • parking difficulties when parking lots are full
  • narrow roads and hairpin bends from Kalamitsi
  • the rocks are not suitable for everyone
  • large waves can be dangerous here
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