Kalamitsi village, Lefkada island

A village with ancient roots, built in west mountains of Lefkada: Kalamitsi is a traditional settlement of the island, which offer panoramic views, a lot of apartments, and hills with lush vegetation. The name of settlement is well known by travellers also, not just by the locals, because near the village a lot of amazing beaches can be find. The best known beaches of Kalamitsi are Kavalikefta beach, Megali Petra beach and Avali beach, which can be accessed from the village.

Lefkada Kalamitsi

Where to find

On Lefkada maps you can find Kalamitsi near the west coast, from where Agios Nikitas is 6 kilometers away, while the capital is situated 20 kilometers away. The main road between Nikitas and this village is quite steep and winding, but get prepared: the streets in the center of Kalamitsi are much more narrow than the primary roads. The distances from the popular villages of the east coast are slightly larger, because Nidri is situated 25 kilometers away.

Lefkada Kalamitsi location on the west coast

Informations about Kalamitsi, Lefkada

In Lefkada island Kalamitsi is one of the oldest villages, it was founded hundreds of years ago. The inhabitants suffered by pirate attacks in the middle ages, so they moved from the coast into the mountains: the new location was much safer. Today the atmospheres of Kalamitsi are calm and peaceful, where the apartments are surrounded by olive groves and old houses.

Houses in Kalamitsi Lefkada, next to main road

The traditional village looks quite different than the largest tourist resorts of Lefkada, because most of the buildings were built long time ago, adapted to the old traffic conditions. The main road which leads through Kalamitsi is very narrow, where you have to pay attention for the oncoming traffic: the cars can barely fit next to each other. Somewhere it looks like it is just one lane, but there is an oncoming traffic too!

Street view in Kalamitsi village

In the center of Kalamitsi there are a few parking lots, but the number of places are quite limited. The small supermarket of the village can be find next to the main road, where a few taverns awaiting for guests: the best local restaurants are Avli and Taverna Ionio. The nightlife is not significant here, visitors of the village come here to enjoy the relaxing atmospheres and the quiet of the surrounding mountains. If you prefer bustling places more, take a look for the most popular tourist resorts such as Lefkada town, Agios Nikitas, Nidri or Vasiliki.

Apartments in Lefkada Kalamitsi

The local apartments and studios were built mostly on the top of the hills, some of these have amazing panoramic views to the Ionian Sea. One of the best attractions of these are the sunsets to the west coast. On the hills you can see some ruined windmills, as additional sights in Kalamitsi.

Mini market in Kalamitsi

Beaches near Kalamitsi

A lot of travellers say that Kalamitsi beaches belong to the best places in Lefkada, gems of the island. It’s important to known that the village is situated a few kilometers from the Ionian Sea, and there is no port or direct exit. The nearest beach to Kalamitsi is Kavalikefta beach about 4 kilometers away, which is mentioned also as Kalamitsi beach by many.

Lefkada Kalamitsi beach

The other significant beach of the area is Megali Petra beach directly next to Kavalikefta, characterized by giant rocks and blue sea colours. An also nice beach of the west coast is known as Avali beach about 5 kilometers away from Kalamitsi. The next is Gaidaros beach (Theotokos), one of the nudist beaches of Lefkada, but there are also sections for everyone. If you want to discover these amazing places during your holiday, follow the road signs which show the way from the center of Kalamitsi to the best beaches of the area.

Where to stay

This area is quiet, but an interesting part of Lefkada, where the local apartments and villas are near some famous beaches of the west coast. If you prefer calm atmospheres on your holiday, far from the crowds and from the largest settlements, just take a look to the accommodations in Kalamitsi.

Best apartments and hotels

Info box

  • 20 km southwest from Lefkada town
  • Population: 200
  • Facilities: taverns, apartments, studios, mini markets
  • Nearest beaches:  Kavalikefta beach (4,5 km),  Megali Petra beach (5 km), Avali beach (5 km)

+ Reasons to visit Kalamitsi village in Lefkada island

  • traditional mountain village
  • picturesque landscapes, green scenery
  • the area is filled with amazing beaches of the west coast

– Cons

  • narrow roads
  • only a few parking places on the streets
  • not a coastal village