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Driving in Lefkada

Driving in Lefkada

If you visit Lefkada, you should keep in mind some things about driving in the island.

First of all, the island has mountanious landscapes, and most of the roads are characterized by these capabilities. If you have never driven in mountains before, be very careful: use your gears to downshift and reduce your speed instead of using your brakes. Driving on the main roads is not too difficult, but you must keep watching the increased traffic during the summer months. Several tourists are visiting Lefkada from May to September, so the roads of the island are filled with unexperienced drivers who are just discovering the roads of island.

You will meet on the roads with dozens of motorbikes, many of them are rented bikes, the others are local people. The motorbikes are changing their speed and direction quickly and suddenly, so please drive carefully and safely. Some drivers do not respect the speed limits, particularly on the larger roads, but to avoid accidents compliance with the rules is strongly recommended. If you drive in Lefkada, obey all the traffic laws!

Speed limits in Lefkada

Within towns and villages: 50 km/h

Out of town: 90 km/h

Other useful informations for driving

The GPS works well at most of the time, but keep your eye on the road signs, because occasionally the navigation fails and will take you to dirt roads. Road signs are mostly in Greek and English language, but that does not mean you will always see them. Sometimes the signs are hidden by trees or just missing, so a map can be useful.

In the villages there are several one ways roads, so always be sure of the traffic rules before you drive into a street.

Always wear your seatbelt, whilst the car is moving – it is recommended for your passengers as well. Children under 10 years must sit in the back seat.

Follow the parking rules! Do not park on closing lines or at parking forbidden signs.

Using your mobile phone without a hands free kit whilst driving is illegal.

In Greece the legal limit is 0.5 mg, which equates to a small glass of beer. Do not drive if you drink alcohol!

The promenade of Nidri is closed for cars during the evenings – always watch the road signs for similar hints



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