Lefkada weather

Lefkada weather

The climate of the island is called as Mediterranean, influenced by the surrounding Ionian Sea. Lefkada weather is characterized by hot and dry summer months with mild and rainy winter. 

Lefkada in spring (weather of March, April, May)

Spring comes early to Lefkada island, in the end of February the snow becomes extremely rare. In March the weather can be pleasant, but also can be rainy and windy. Daytime temperatures rise slowly, but most of the time you must wear a jacket or a sweater. Nights are cold yet, and Ionian Sea is often stormy and windy.

Lefkada weather in Spring

During the days of April there are some rainy, cloudy days, but the temperatures are getting higher, and some days are already warm. The scenery of the island, even the barren places become very green, dozens of flowers and trees burst into bloom. The spring months are also a good time for restoration of the buildings. Several houses and apartments in Lefkada are being renovated in the Spring months, including the painting and reparation works.

Flowers of Lefkada, Lefkada weather

The first days of May are often warm and dry, without rainy days. In these days you can see the summer is coming quickly, and the first tourists arrive to the island. The sea temperature is cold for many, but the water is getting warmer day by day. The first swimmers visit the beaches of Lefkada, but if you prefer warmer sea temperatures, may wait a few days (or a months) with the swim. April and May are the best months in Lefkada to hiking in the mouintains, walking the footpaths, or getting around with bicycle. The flora of Lefkada is especially beautiful in this period.

Lefkada weather is really lovable in Spring, with many enjoyable outdoor activites.

Lefkada weather in May

Lefkada in summer months (June, July, August)

June comes with pleasant temperatures, several sunny days and less rainfalls. Days of June are usually hot and warm, especially from the middle of the month. Sea temperatures may feels a little bit cold in the first days of June for someone, but by the end of June it will be very pleasant. Lefkada is getting filled with tourists, but the beaches are not so crowded yet.

Lefkada in June

The end of June and the beginning of July means that the high season is here. From these days you may hard to find the best apartments, studios and villas for rent.

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Lefkada summer weather, June and July

Sea temperature around Lefkada is very pleasant in July, and ideal for everyone. In these days at some beaches the flows of the sea or the waves may slightly cool down the water, but it doesn’t last long. You should take care yourself and be aware from the long direct sunlight, use sunblock creams and enjoy the beaches under parasol!

August in Lefkada is always the hottest and driest month of the year. The sea is especially warm at some beaches, and one of the best things in this month is enjoying the sea, and lying under the shade of the parasols. If you would like to discover Lefkada, the most suitable times are the morning hours. The peak of the high season is in the middle of August, thousands of tourists are on vacation in Lefkada. In August almost all the apartments in Lefkada are full, and very hard to find a suitable accomodation at reasonable price for rent on the spot.

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Summer in Lefkada (August)

Lefkada weather is truly mediterranean in summer, which is necessary to enjoy the best beaches of the island.

Autumn in Lefkada (September, October, November)

A Classical Greek summer with high temperatures can be found in the first days of September also. Most of the days are hot and dry, but there is a growing chance of a short thunderstorm. Sea temperatures are still excellent for a swim, and rays of the sun are strong yet. The nights in september are slightly colder, sometimes you will need a light sweater. In second half of September the chance for cloudy days are more common, but several days will bring back the great feeling of the summer.

Lefkada island in September

The true autumn arrives to Lefkada usually in October. Some days may be sunny and warm, but rainy days come more often. The withered plants come alive again, due to more rainfalls. The temperature of the Ionian sea is getting much colder, but there are always some locals who enjoy swimming in cooler waters.

September, October weather in Lefkada island

In the month of November the last tourists are leaving the island. Sometimes big waves and winds are coming from the west, which make the Ionian Sea cold and not suitable for swimming. The people of Lefkada gets a little relaxed after the bustling summer months.

Lefkada winter

Winter months in Lefkada (December, January, February)

Some tourists think that here is never snow and frost, but sometimes Lefkada dresses in white. During winter months high mountains and plateaus are covered often by some snow, like Karya village. Around the mountain peaks the temperature falls below freezing point, and it does not change for some days. In coastal settlements the temperature is slightly higher, with an average of 10 °C. Rainy days are frequent in winter, rainfalls may occur in half of the month. The coldest months in Lefkada are January and February, when the sea temperature falls below 15 °C, and the sunshine hours are only a few hours per day.

Lefkada in December, January, February

Have a great time in Lefkada island, and take an unforgettable holiday!

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