Nikiana village, Lefkada

Nikiana is an important tourist resort in Lefkada with a tiny port, situated on the east coast. The village was founded just about 9 kilometers away from Lefkada town, which makes the access of the village fast and easy. Nikiana is significant for the tourism of the island, because this place is one of the largest settlements on the east coast, where dozens of accommodations were built. The visitors of the village can meet the local small beach, which offer calm waters with shallow seabed on the east coast.

Lefkada Nikiana

Where to find

Nikiana has one of the most easiest access in Lefkada island, because the main road which leads on the east coast, goes through this village. From the capital the trip takes just a few minutes here, and the other famous tourist resort, Nidri is located also just about 7 kilometers away. The houses were built near the sea and on the slopes of the surrounding hills both: the main road divides the village into two parts.

View to Nikiana

Informations about Nikiana in Lefkada

When you drive through Nikiana, you will see a peaceful tourist resort, which looks long and narrow. A lot of local apartments and hotels were built directly next to the main road, where bakeries, supermarkets and other shops can be find. The location of the village is beautiful in Lefkada, because this area is surrounded by hills with lush vegetation and green coloured waters.

Nikiana main street

The best restaurants in Nikiana are Taverna Pantazis, La Favola, Spyros Grill-house and Fast-Food, which are waiting for their guests in the center. The port is a small, but picturesque marina in the north side of the village, where some private yachts, sailboats and fishing boats are anchored. There can be rent a boat also without a licence to discover the east coast. For daily boat trips you have to travel to the port of Nidri, from where the boats sail to the west coast and visit Porto Katsiki and Egremni.

Port of Nikiana

Nikiana has some small beaches, which are characterized by emerald water colours, coarse sand and pebbles. The main beach of Nikiana is situated on the north side of the village, just a minute walk from the port. Most of the time the sea surface is calm, and due to shallow seabed it is suitable for children.

Nikiana beach

The main beach is mostly unorganized, and almost the entire coastline is the same: these small local beaches have calm atmospheres and pleasantly refreshing waters. In the north the nearest beach to the village is known as Episkopos beach, which offer parasols and sunbeds for visitors, about one kilometer from the port. Episkopos is a small village, which is situated directly next to Nikiana.

Episkopos beach

What to see

If you are looking for the best sights of Nikiana, firstly we mention the small port in the center. For other attractions nearby you have to drive up to the mountains, where the ancient oak forest of Skaros, the Hermitage of Agii Pateres and the sacred monastery of Agios Georgios can be visited. These are hidden gems of Lefkada, which have old history and offer quite different atmospheres than the coastal region.

Best sights

Where to stay

For many vacationers Nikiana can be a good place for a stay in Lefkada, because it is near Nidri and the capital both. One of the key features of the local accommodations is the good value, because the apartments and studios which were built here, offer usually slightly cheaper accommodations than Nidri.

Apartments, hotels

Info box

  • 9 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 100 (increases much during summer months)
  • Facilities: taverns, bars, apartments, studios, supermarkets, souvenir shops, bakery, rent a car agency, port, ATM, boat rent
  • Nearest beaches: Limni beach (0 km), Lygia beach (Ligia) (3 km),  Perigiali beach (5 km)

+ Reasons to visit Nikiana in Lefkada island

  • calm atmospheres
  • tiny port
  • easy access to Lefkada town and Nidri both

– Cons

  • local beaches are average


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